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Almost scan time again!

So here Iam 18months post liver ablation, and thinking wow I’ve 6 months to go after this next scan, and I’ve reached the 2 year point. My CEA was 1.4 last week and I know I should be over the moon, but I’ve had really niggly feelings on my right side. It’s hard to explain, it’s like a pulling tugging sensation and I can really feel it if I walk for a while. It’s not painful just feels like something is going on. Has anyone else had this? It’s so easy to be paranoid at scan time ????


Very understandable @DianeS, I hate scan time. Good luck.:x::x:


Oh Good luck @DianeS , i’ve just had my1 yr scan and almost became psychotic waiting for the results. I have a pain next to my belly button which I normally ignore, however at scan time I of course decided it was caused by a huge mass that was sat there waiting to be discovered during my scan. I’m ignoring it again now i’ve been given the all clear! Have everything crossed for you 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻


Hi @DianeS
I missed this with being away, but if it is not too late, I am sending lots of good wishes your way for good results all round.

I see my nurse in a few days and am preparing my plea for tests which I am not scheduled for here in darkest Kent. Like you, I have an ongoing pain but mine is on my left side, round my ribs. Not bad enough to see a GP but definitely worrying me. :x::x:


Hi @Lizalou many thanks for your good wishes, my app is 16th results on 20th at 6pm. They are doing a head CT scan as well, as I’m having daily headaches. My pains are always in my right around rib cage and sometimes lower down. It’s such a worry isn’t it? Like you I haven’t been to my GP as it’s not bad pain, it’s niggly. Hope you get an appointment to stop you worrying :x::x::x::x::x:


Many thanks @Hollyhock, so pleased you are clear, but I can relate to your comment about thinking the worst, it’s so difficult not to :x::x::x::x::x:


Hi @DianeS

Yes exactly the same, just the other side! Liver? Bones? Stress? Aarrgghh!!

Weirdly, on holiday recently, my twinges, my husband's sore hip and my cough all disappeared......we were so relaxed, enjoying the sunshine and gentle exercise. All our niggles are back now we are home!


Hi @Lizalou it’s really strange, but maybe out of our environment we have so many different and lovely things to focus on, we don’t notice our aches and pains. So pleased you had a good holiday, mine is 29th Aprilsnd we are going for three weeks this time, so hoping my test results are good :x::x::x::x:


Snap with the weird tugging pain in the right side! A CT scan last year picked up a gallstone so I'm hoping its that! Chemo did a real number on my liver too. Argg. Stress and worry constantly! Best of luck for your scan :x::x::x:


Hi@DianeS, my scan date arrived today, 23 March CT. I developed a pain in the collar bone area and have convinced myself of all sorts. I wish we could ave the results ten minutes later.:x::x:


Hi @kidsversuscopy many thanks, perhaps all these aches and pains are chemo related? Our bodies took a bashing. I have collar bone pain on and off @Clancy, have absolutely no idea what that is either. I sometimes feel ancient. Best of luck for 23rd. :x::x::x::x::x::x:


Hi @DianeS Just had a thought about your niggly pain on your rh side by ribcage and lower area which may help allay your worry! My scan after liver surgery showed fat stranding in peritoneum area, which the surgeon said is common and consistent after this type of surgery. He said it is nothing to worry about but it can sometimes cause discomfort or pain in that area. It is probably worth mentioning to the consultant though. I am having a scan in next two weeks after 6 cycles of mop up chemo and desperately hoping it will still show I am cancer free so understand how you feel. Sending you best wishes for the 20th. Jane :x::x::x:


Morning @eyeofthetiger thank you for your good luck wishes, and for the info from your surgeon. Best of luck with your scan too, I know we are lucky to be getting scanned but it’s such an anxious time. Love D :x::x::x::x:


@DianeSgood luck on the 16th. Mine is March 19th but not exactly sure when I get results. My appointment isn’t until early April. I also have a chest ct too. Wishes for everyone awaiting tests and results. I am already not sleeping well.


Hey @DianeS, just wanted to give you a bit of moral support/solidarity. I've got my next three month scan results due on Monday 12th so I'm feeling a little nervous too. Fingers crossed we will all get the results we are hoping for. :x:


Good luck @DianeS , I will be praying it's s positive :x: :x:


Many thanks @Evelyn, @Ben81 and @1234annie. Good luck with your scans Evelyn, and best of luck with your results Ben, hope you get good news. I’m now having a head CT scan as well, as I’ve been having daily headaches and I’ve got some sort of problem going on with my left eye. Having an eye scan on Friday. Feels never ending sometimes :x::x::x::x::x:


Good luck with your scan @DianeS. Since coming off the chemo at the end of January I seem to have been full of aches and pains - neck, shoulder and almost incessant pins & needles in my arms, hands and fingers.

I'm glad I'm not alone with the belly button pain @Hollyhock. I too have a 'tender spot' nearby. GP was not concerned unless it gets worse and usually I don't notice it.


Just a quick note for best of luck for your scans @DianeS @Ben81 and @1234annie :x::x::x::x:


Hello DianeS, don’t know about your headaches but the sensations you’re experiencing on the right side sounds similar to mine. Checked with my nurse specialist and she reckons it’s scaring. I tend not to feel anything when I’m not anxious. Im also waiting for scan review in a couple of months due to spot on lung which surgeon reckons it’s from an But anxiety rises, it’s a bugger it!! Best wishes hope all goes well. :x::x::x: