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terri m

P Independance payment & face to face interview?

Hi everyone.
You are all so helpful on this forum, just wondered if you could offer any advice. I applied for pip about 7 weeks ago with the help of a cancer support charity . had a letter today to say that I am being visited by a health professional.? I wasn't expecting this atall.
Have any of you been in this situation?... Hoping it wont be too intimidating .
Look forward to any help or advice :x::x::x:

Polly 1

Hi @terri m I think its pretty normal to be visited as part of the PIP assessment - they certainly visited my hubby when he applied anyway.
If you search for PIP in the 'magnifying glass' search box at the top of the page you will find lots of information about the assessment process.
My hubby only got it for his ongoing chemo induced peripheral neuropathy in the end (standard daily living) not for ongoing chemo, liver and lung surgeries etc as they werent expected to be continuing into the future (although they have been!)
We did find the visit quite tiring but not intimidating really. You really have to concentrate on your answers to make sure you are giving the assessor the full picture of your ongoing problems.
Good luck!....and let us know how you get on.

Gary not Gavin

I had a telephone interview and think they could tell I was in pain. What I have been told is to tell them about when you have the bad parts conditions suffer etc. The condition changes day to day so yes you could be ok on the interview day but you will need to concontrate what you are saying so they don't walk away thinking you ok and not getting awarded pip.

Wishing you good luck.

Gav :x::x:



Got PIP at about £564 per month as surgeon put me on palliative care and said I would be dead in six to nine months, then March is nine months and I'm going back to work. Nobody from visited as I am supposed to have snuffed it as dead as a parrot by now, anyway funny old world.

Cheers x


Hi I have someone visiting me next week for pip not expecting to get anything because I look well and am quite mobile .and not on chemo at moment so think I feel bit better than when form was filled in .but we shall see

terri m

Hi tiger club. Let me know how you get on Im not holding much hope to get anything now. i look welk and mobilsing ok, apart from the chemo effects mondsy and constipation lo!! :x:


If you are Stage 4 and incurable/terminal and hold a DS1500 form (from the hospital) you will automatically get PIP at high level with no interview. Well I did anyway. I also look well and am mobile (bit wobbly maybe) - one day I think they'll realise I'm still here and outliving my prognosis and call in my PIP!


Hi @terri m

I was same as @Gill and @GD1962 as my oncologist stated in jan 2016 that if chemo didn’t work I’d have 6-9 months to live but in any case, I was not expected to live beyond a year so I had brief very compassionate telephone call only and was awarded top rate Pip. I believe they are reviewing everyone’s pip and they might want to ask me why I’m not yet dead lol! Fortunately, I feel very much alive and pretty well!

Good luck!



Hi @terri m . i just applied for mine over the phone and the doctor needs to fill the necessary form. I will keep you posted on progress and whether they plan a visit !

At the moment I have bad neuropathy ( hands and Feet) which seems to have come with a vengeance despite last chemo December ! so working with my hands and feet is problematic at present , that alone the welfare officer at MacMillan said should score adequate points