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lynn collier

My darling Barry

He very rough today jaundice we went to the hosp has been given four weeks our hearts are broken they were going t admit him but we want him at home my darling Barry so heartbroken :x::x::x:

springer michelle

We are here holding your hand. Lots of love. Tell Barry to rest :x::x:


I looked after my Mum at home and was alone with her when she died I know she did not want to die in hospital with strangers and she greatly appreciated me keeping her at home with me ...
It gives terminally ill people great comfort to be at home with their family and you are giving your Barry the best possible care and support...
Its tough to be there and to let them go but you will be able to look back and know you were there for him and gave him all your Love till the end
There are so many people on here that will be including you and your Darling Barry in their prayers tonight ...:x:


I don't know you but I'm really feeling for you. I've just paused for a break from house work and have had an overwhelming urge to pray for you and Barry. I prayed for perfect peace at this time. :x::x::x:

lynn collier

You all for
Yr brilliant messages it is keeping me going love to you all :x::x::x:


Thinking of you @lynn collier & the family :x::x:


Sending lots of love and strengh to you and your family @lynn collier at this heartbreaking time :x::x:


@lynn collier , wanted to send you a special virtual hug,
Thinking of you
Much love


Thinking of you @lynn collier - I hope Barry is comfortable and you are managing to get some rest. Sending love Jane :x::x::x:


Sending hugs for you today @lynn collier :x::x:


Sending you all love for a calm peaceful day @lynn collier . As always in my thoughts. Lisa :x::x::x:


💕😢💕:x: :x: :x:


Sending love and prayers :x::x:


Keeping you all in my thoughts, sending love. :x::x::x:


You are in my thoughts and prayers tonight. :x::x:


Thinking of you again today @lynn collier, sending strength and courage. :x::x:


Sending my love :x::x::x: