Life with bowel cancer


Interesting Radio 4 programme

Just thought I’d flag up a really interesting conversation with Professor SirJohn Burn on Radio 4 this past Tuesday. The show is called The Life Scientific and his interview is about 30 mins long. Amongst other things he discusses his work on the genetics of cancer including FAP and lynch syndrome. @charleyb I think you’d be interested if you get a chance :x::x:


Sounds very interesting @HopsiFAP

Thank you for posting!



Thank you for posting this info @HopsiFAP :x::x:


Thanks @HopsiFAP i`ll have a little look.

Hope you are doing ok? How is the ileostomy going? Charlie is doing really well, baseline scan was clear, cea 1 and he starts cycle 2 of 6 next tues, its flying already! Hes started back at work and is going to dust off the gym equipment, its so good to see him get back to what he loves :x::x::x:


@Baxter2 @DianeS No problem. My friend Jo works with him and says he’s an amazing man and he really sounds it :x::x:


@charleyb No problem. He’s got some interesting thoughts and research on the use of aspirin too. My friend Jo is also a scientist and works with him. She’d told me about his work so it’s been fabulous to hear the great man speak.

That’s amazing news. What a man! You must be so proud. I’m so glad he’s back exercising. It’s suxh a part of him and back at work too so that must help with his sense of self.

I’m good thanks. My new sensura Mira ostomy bag from coloplast seems to be a great fit and I’ve had no leaks for 2 weeks now. Phew. Also with the help of these amazing osto SORB balls which I can put in my stoma bag has really helped thicken my output so I don’t have to empty it so many times a day. I’m also letting myself live a little and go over my 2 litres of fluid occasionally so I can enjoy the extra glass of squash or tea!

I went to see Erasure last night .. so much fun and am off to Dublin in a fortnight. Mr Rasheed was really pleased with my progress last week. I’ve got my MRI and CT scans in a couple of weeks just to check everything is still all good and all being well I will have my thyroid out on 27th March at Chelsea and Westminster... that should finally end my treatment. It’s been a long road but I’m getting there.

I’m regularly walking 10km which I’m loving. I want to walk the Marsden March next year to raise funds for the hospital that has done so much for me :x::x::x::x:


Oh i signed up for the march but was too late to enter, so i will definitely be doing it next year, i`ll see you there!!
Wow you are doing so well, and great to hear you will have one last op, keep me posted how you go with the scans :x::x:


@charleyb Ah .. yes see you next year! I will do. Thanks so much :x::x: