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Hi havnt posted for a while but pop in now and again trying to lead a 'normal ' life . Quick update on Dave he's doing great after his 2nd liver resection apart got a small hernia but Dr not concerned yet . Had a colonautospy on Monday Dr saw small white spot took biopsy but said not concerned about it just routine , had CT scan Tuesday then seen oncologist Thursday , he had a quick look at at scan said that all looked ok to him but stressed that he's not trained properly but he must understand them a bit anyhow he did mention that there is a small dot on the lung but it's not grown in the last 6mths since his last scan and his bloods all came back normal his cea markers are 0.9 I then asked if this dot has been on all scans he said no just last one , now whats confusing for me is that when we went to see liver surgeon in june 2016 he casually dropped it on us about a spot on his lung we had forgotten about it because no one else had mentioned it again. I've reread my posts on here and yes I did post about this spot way back in 2016 so now I'm confused who is telling me the full picture. He did say not to worry and will see us in 4mths . Has anyone else experienced this :x:


Hi @lindyloo - and firstly, apologies that your post seems to have passed us by. You may by now have the answers you need but I'm tagging @Charlotte Nurse Advisor who will I am sure be able to provide some clarification for you.
Again, sorry we've been slow to get to you but - this issue aside - it's good to hear that Dave is doing well.

With best wishes


Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @lindyloo,

I think from reading your post that you do need to go back to Dave's team and ask them to clarify exactly when this 'spot' on his lung was first seen and if it has been there for a while has it changed in size at all?

It is reassuring that his CEA is normal and they have said that they do not need to see him for 4 months but I think in order to settle your mind completely then it would be good to ask for clarification.

With kindest regards,