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margaret ensor

Secondary lung cancer

Anyone had any experience with colon cancer returning as secondary lung cancer? I live in Spain and feel completely alone except for my husband. Gratefull for any help. Margaret

margaret ensor

I will reply later to all you wonderful people I am just in tears at such kindness after years of isolation. Thank you all so much. Hope I can help others with my experience. Love to you all margaret


Hi @margaret ensor So sorry you feel so alone you are not I have secondary to the lungs, I have had surgery RFA and chemotherapy and Ithere are several options which your oncologist will go through with you. You will get loads of help and support from this forum just ask away.
Best wishes
Kim :x::x:

springer michelle

Please don't feel alone. You really are never alone if you stay here and let others help you through your journey. :x:


@margaret ensor , sorry for late reply ( more dramas going on!!)
Just wanted to say hello, sorry to hear your news ,
We are all here to help share your load ,
Much love


Hi @margaret ensor I was diagnosed back in 2013 and had a reoccurance across both lungs in 2015.

I had two resection ops in early 2016 followed by 6 months of Capox. I had a really bad reaction to the oxi so I agreed with my oncologist to reduce the dosage. This kept everything under control for the remaining sessions.

Happy to answer any questions you might have


So pleased you have found our forum @margaret ensor, as no one should feel alone with this disease, and our forum is a great place to find the friendly help and support you need. It a shock when cancer returns and although I haven’t had lu g mets, I did have aiver net that was removed with RFA, and I’ve been NED for 18 months. Once you get over your initial feeling, I’m sure you will find the positivity to go forward again. Sending you lots of love from a cold and frozen UK. Diane :x::x::x::x:

margaret ensor

Small glimmer of hope! I was told yesterday I might be a candidate for cyber knife . Previously I was told chemo had to stop because kidneys failing!! This chemo gave me really bad reactions. I now need kidney specialist and hospital approval! Still tiny bit of hope in the darkness better than a slap with a wet fish!! Margaret ensor


Glimmers of hope are always good @margaret ensor!

Let's hope that this is the way forward for you! Let us know how things go if you can?

Lots of love,



Hello @margaret ensor sorry to read your news at least you have a lovely there in Spain to support you too. Hope the cyber knife clincal pathway goes well for you.

Hugs and positive healing :x::x::x:


Hi @margaret ensor ! I also have lung Mets and start 6 months of chemo next week (Folfox6 modified plus bevacizumab). I'm sure you will feel more positive once you start treatment , especially with a supportive husband . I just take one day at a time (very cliched, I know!) and try not to think about prognosis etc. None of us knows what lies ahead, so just carry on as normally as possible . :x::x::x:


@margaret ensor ...good luck Margaret and welcome to the forum, I don’t have lung mets so can’t comment but their is friendship and support on this forum in abundance...sending lots of love :x:

margaret ensor

I haven't posted since 14th June as have been very sick. Shocked today to received unnamed post telling me my comment 'incurable' would be erased!!! I never posted incurable or any other post whoever sent this to me have the decency to sign your name!!!! Disgusting!!! Margaret Ensor.


Hi @margaret ensor ! I have numerous lung Mets as a result of spreading colon cancer. I’m currently undergoing more chemo and, while the side effects are pretty horrible, I’m hoping it’s shrinking the little buggers! I had shortness of breath plus lots of coughing, but these have settled down quite a lot. Make sure you get scanned and find out what is planned. You’ll feel better with a plan in place. Just try to enjoy what you can and be grateful for the support of your husband :x::x:


I'm sorry to hear you have been feeling sick @margaret ensor. I hope you are feeling a little better now? I'm sorry to hear you've received a strange message too?
We will always be here to support you, so you just concentrate on you! I will be keeping everyhting tightly crossed for some postive results🤞🏻
Lots of love :x::x:

margaret ensor

Thank you mem! Also thank you begonbelle! You seem to be going through the same things as I am let's hope it's all worth it. I wish you positive thoughts. My oncologist doesn't believe in plans in fact he rarely talks. I haven't posted anything since June so I found the accusation shocking I though this was a support group not an attack group. I need to find out if somebody is using my name I hope the person who sent the unsigned email owns up. I know there are good people like you but when I find out who the accuser is I will leave the forum. Margaret.

Bear G

@Richard Staff (Online Support)
Please could you make contact with Margaret, probably by PM, to try to help her regarding this contact that was made?

margaret ensor

BearG I received a message from Richard addressed to Mary? No help! I still don't know who sent the message but Richard must know. Tell me how to find this topic incurable where I am supposed to have made inappropriate comments? How disgusting! My name is Margaret not Mary and I want to know the truth. I repeat I have not posted anything about myself or anything else since June!!!!! Fine bunch of people you turned out to be. Margaret Ensor

Bear G

Hi @margaret ensor
@Richard Staff (Online Support) has joined the charity this week and will be running all the technical aspects of the forum. He's looking into this for you and I'm sure he mistyped your name in error. He is working to find a fast resolution to this and find out where the original email came from.
As you know, I am a patient like you and I volunteer to try to offer support and keep this forum a safe space for us all, I don't work for the charity.
I hope this can all be sorted so that you can continue to feel welcome and supported by your fellow patients on the forum.
Big hugs

margaret ensor

Thank you BearG. Please ask Richard to send me a copy of the email on incurable where I am supposed to have made inappropriate remarks!!! I can then prove I didn't do it. I may have to consult a lawyer if bowel cancer continues to accuse me of things I didn't do. I haven't posted since June I don't take part in topics. I have enough to cope with dealing with secondary lung cancer I regret joining your forum. Simple send me the the email don't accuse me no excuses and my name is Margaret not Mary Richard.