Raising Awareness


Don't be like Annie!


Your story is the same as my sisters 😢. I'm sorry to hear that your GP was wrong too


@1234annie that's get's the message across brilliantly - love what you've done, just sad and wrong that it had to be that way! :x::x::x:

Kathy L

I really would like to trust my doctor but.......I was treated with antibiotic cream for a month for what turned out to be a classic and obvious skin cancer! Fed up with it not healing went to have cosmetic surgery. Consultant furious at not being properly diagnosed.


I was having dioreeha 15times a day always lots of blood and waking me in the night. This went on for over a year, back and forth GP and kept being told IBS. In the end my hubby took out private healthcare and within a week I was diagnosed with bowel cancer! I was actually told by GP don’t worry u can’t have cancer your too young.


@1234annie May i steel and use this?? :x::x:

Catherine Blakeney

Such a familiar story just like my gp

Alan C

@1234annie sadly the same story for too many of us.


Quite like this one too 😄


They should be strung up for saying we were too bloody young! F*ckers...