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Discolouration of skin around stoma

Hi there has anyone else had experience of discolouration of skin around Stoma,my husband wears a Dansac bag with a mouldable ring around his Stoma this past week I have noticed the skin has darkened exactly where the ring is placed and 8bwas wondering if the ring has anyth8ng to do with this the area is not sore or painful just looks a little discoloured,any replies would be helpful,kind regards Janis.


Hi @porterbrook

I don’t have any experience of having a stoma so I’m not able to offer any suggestions here. I’m sure that there will be others along shortly who can help though!

Sending you both my very best wishes,



Thank you for your kind message it is always good to get one at least lol,take care :x::x:


Hello @porterbrook

This seems like the sort of thing for a non urgent phone call to husband's nurse. I had Dansac bags before my reversal op and don't remember discoloration, just slight redness. But permanently covered skin does do funny things after a while.

Has he tried a daily bath with some free time for the stoma? (not implying he needs a bath, but I used to hurry through a quick shower with the bag still on)

Best wishes to you both. :x::x:


Hi thank you for your reply,I have left a message for our Stoma nurse to give us a call and also contacted Dansac who said their nurse would also give me a ring,unfortunately he is not able to sit in the bath he has just had a temp nephrostomy done to drain his right kidney which doesn’t allow for bathing at present so it is like you just a good wash down mainly the front of his body,like I said in my post there is no pain or soreness and the Stoma looks healthy it is just a slight discolouration of the skin around that has changed,take care,:x::x::x: