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What a lovely afternoon

So I joined the forum in a September 2016 after being diagnosed and began my treatment journey. 2 ladies on the board started their treatment at around the same time and we've stayed in touch along the way. Today we have finally met in the flesh and spent a very enjoyable few hours being ladies who lunch.
Not sure I would have got through this without their support so big thanks and hugs to @Sparkles and @Lady B. Must do it again soon :x:

Polly 1

Sounds like you had a great time - :)


What a great thing to come out of this cancer journey, so glad the forum brought you together for support.

But, no photos so it didn't happen !


Oh @Kareno62 it was so wonderful to finally meet you and @Lady B i was so nervous of our 1st meet but now im counting down the days we can meet again, i didnt realise how healing it would feel to talk face to face with like minded people and to feel understood rather than just be nodded at. I certainly couldnt have got thru this without you guys, i would of gone crazy for sure.
@Lizalou 😂😂 Im camera shy :x::x:

Lady B

What a fabulous afternoon we’ve had and I certainly couldn’t have got through this without the support of you beautiful ladies @Kareno62 and @Sparkles. Can’t wait for our next ladies do lunch 😀 xx🤗


It’s so lovely to meet other forum members and I’m so pleased you got together @Sparkles, @Lady B and @Kareno62. To know we have support and understanding at the times we need it most, is such a big help. Love D :x::x::x: