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‘Woo babble’. Love this expression. This is really interesting @Barbara . Thanks for posting. :x:


Awwww don’t say that @Barbara it keeps some of us going believing there is hope and help out there. 😂😂😂

Sarah :x:


Oh dear, oh dear @Barbara!

The problem is that these 'scientific' papers are written so convincingly. Then we need another, more sceptical scientist, less swayed by financial incentives, to translate it all for us.

@Sasa There is lots of hope and help out there, but it must be backed by convincing research.


Hi @Lizalou , I agree completely , but the convincing research backs up the ‘quackery’ too 😂😂😂 I suppose it depends on which research you choose to believe.....

Sarah :x:


Hi @Barbara and thanks for posting this – some interesting points here.

Some views from the charity's perspective:

  • This is a blog and so is a personal opinion only. We cannot endorse such opinions and in this case we must point out there appears to have been no formal censure of the Hallwang Clinic or its practitioners.
  • The blog is based on the principle of scepticism, in other words questioning the validity or authenticity of something purporting to be factual. Generally this is a Good Thing – provided that it doesn’t translate into a lack of willingness to acknowledge the potential of as yet unproven treatments.
  • It does seem that the Hallwang Clinic publishes its results only in the form of testimonials, which isn’t necessarily an unbiased view.
  • There are stories in the British press about patients who have been ‘cured’ at clinics such as these within weeks or months of treatment when in fact – as we well know from this forum – it’s often many years, if ever, before claims of a cure can be judged credible.

The author's closing comment, about the many individuals and organisations out there willing to take advantage of the desperation of cancer patients by offering them false hope at a very high price, certainly rings true: scepticism has its place!


I read lots, research claims, study medical papers and speak to lots of people across the world on lots of forums in the end I trust my gut...after all thats what got me here in the first Place !!!

it only takes 1........