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Mum had her 8th and final chemo drip yesterday

Hello all,
Mum had her 8th and final chemo flush yesterday, but due to complications when her vein collapsed and the chemo leaked into the tissue we didn't get a chance to ring the bell but she did today after they confirmed her hand was ok. I didn't really think much of it until she actually rang the bell and I felt so emotional, as although it has actually gone so quickly my mum and all of us are different people to who first walked into the cancer unit. Mum has 2 weeks of chemo tablets and then we will be on 3 montly scans and check ups but back under the surgical team.
Love Angela xxx


Congratulations on your mum ringing that bell, good luck with the scans :x::x::x:


That’s great to hear @SheliasDaughterAngela, well done mum!!
Great pictures - good to remember to take some!! All the best to her moving forward :x::x::x:


Well done @sheliasDaughteraAngela Mum! Great pics and great feeling I'm sure :x::x:

springer michelle

Well done. Its very emotional ringing the bell :x: