Life with bowel cancer


bowel movements with no rectum to talk of

i am 5 years nearly since reversal operation. i had about 10 inches of rectum and zigmoid colon removed. i believe i have next to no rectum, so have to rely on peristalsis movement for going to toilet and pressure from abdominal muscles rather than a rectum to push stools out. it is hard to keep regular and i vary from slghtly constipated to too loose which is in fact even worse (seems to be more chemically active and hence painful and difficult to clean up)

i just wondered what are the experiences of other people in this situation and would grateully receive any suggestions as to how to improve things. i realise that most of the people on here are more likely to be in the earlier stages of the bowel cancer journey but i hope there are some old timers like me still around...


Lovely photos @wikey :x::x:


Hi @wikey lovely to hear from you, can’t offer any advice I’m afraid, just wanted to say hello. Love your photos and thanks for sharing D :x::x::x::x::x::x:


hello @DianeS, thanks for the hello,
how are you keeping? hope you are well

hugs and kisses !


Hi @wikey I’m good thank you, just on my way for 3 month PET scan check up, so keeping my fingers crossed. Much love D :x::x::x::x:


hi again folks
spoken with nurse on website and also had GP appointment today
so rear is very sore looking according to GP with a haemorrhoid showing and also a fissure
so I am now using anusol and trying to get that sorted.

the flu virus may have made things loose, as this is often seen with people with stomas and ileostomys, that the output goes a bit crazy when they are unwell,
hence with a large piece of colon missing the effects may come through, whereas a normal colon can usually cope.
I am going to keep going 'as is' for the next few days and see if I get some more improvement, as the last three days or so has seen some improvement, but still a way to go.

I am now taking three loperamide a day whereas up to a couple of weeks ago I was only taking two a day. just a general question , how many do other folks take and do you have to take more at some times ??

Bear G

Hi @wikey
Glad you’ve had someone look into this and it sounds like a haemorrhoid and after effects of the flu are the least sinister of all the possibilities!
I’ve used anusol a lot in the past and found it very good, both the cream and suppository form. There are 2 versions, the one with ‘4-way action’ worked best for me.
In terms of The loppers, generally I take one a day but it does vary, sometimes I need to take a break and other times I need to take 2 or even 3 for a while.
Hope this all sorts out quickly and you can get back on the bike soon.
Big hugs


Hi @wikey, two and nearly a half years post reversal here, also no rectum left as the surgeon thought best to remove it after radiation would have 'left it like a lead pipe' 😬 Had an ultra low anterior resection with j pouch, which is doing a pretty good job of impersonating a rectum 😊 I too have found that things swing from too firm to too loose, with the loose resulting in a ring of fire 🔥😖 I've never taken loperamide post reversal though, but started on Metamucil (psyllium) once a day, and after getting tired of the regular combustion, twice a day now, which seems to keep it in managable check - and i eat whatever i like. Psyllium both softens and bulks up the stool, so works for both constipation and diarrhoea. Hope your present troubles clear up soon, them and cycling is not a comfortable mix! 😱😉 :x::x:


Hi @wikey, I’m an advocate of loperamide as you and Bear are. Works for me. Cycling good exercise, I will start soon now the weathers improving. Take care Buddy, I like the guitar.


Hi @Bear @DuKi and @John2628
Thanks fir the replies
Things have settled a bit
Gp had me on anusol to try and reduce the piles and it is working a bit
On three loppers a day at the moment and yesterday and today better
I will look into the psyllium
Hopefully going cycling tomorrow although it will be cold fir the first hour or so ;
9.30 start with the folks I go with but I suffer with raynauds so have to take extra measures to try and keep hands and feet warm this time of year


hi folks
just back from a couple ofweeks in samos greece, things a bit better, greek diet seemed to help! just hoping things stay improved. skin very tender though


Hi again folks
A further update
After our little holiday I got fed up
Of looking at my bulky body and put myself on a diet
Started at 15st 3 and now 14st 7
Things are much better
Still working on diet
Not eating any processed food really and all the fruit veg and salad seems to be much better for my system
Just one lopper a day now
Anusol improving the skin and number two bike renovated !!
So best I have been for a couple of years!!
What a change round ‼️
Best wishes

Bear G

I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were getting on.
That sounds great @wikey , you've found the balance for you, brill!


Great to hear you're doing so well @wikey!


Thanks folks


Glad to read that @wikey! Also good to see a bike again!


yes thanks every one, since coming back from Greece things have improved a lot, out cycling again , gardening, DIY , just had a week in Cornwall in sunny weather and now back in the peaks
21 mies done on bike this morning and back to the DIY and gardening for the rest of the bank holiday.
stay healthy active and happy
wikey bikey


Brilliant to hear how well you are doing @ wikey ! Thanks for updating us. :x:


hello again folks.
my biggest BM challenge at the moment is taking the right amount of loperamide. i still go from too loose to too firm and dont seem to be able to get it right, just wondering how long before eating do other people take their tablets and does it actually make a difference,

i tend to take mine just as i start eating, but know it dpes say take the tablet 30mins or so before a meal. interested in peoples observations


Hi @Wiley

I don't want to confuse you even more, but did you know that you can get liquid loperimide which you can take at a much lower dose. I used it with my ileostomy and took the equivalent of a quarter of a tablet twice a day.

Good luck :x:


Did you try psyllium @wikey great to read that things have improved