Stage 4 bowel cancer

Jacey Connell 74

Oxy and Breathlessness

Hi All

Some advice please. My cancer has progressed and I am now under hospice as well. However I am continuing with Oxy chemo as my oncologist still thinks I have a good chance to keep it stable.

I am suffering with really bad breathlessness every time I try and do anything. Anyone else had the same problem?

Many Thanks



@Jacey Connell 74 I hope the bloods taken sheds some light on this for you. It completely slipped my memory to say mum had to have the oxy reduced by 20% on on her 3rd cycle to try and reduce the impact of the symptoms :x::x:


@Jacey Connell 74 My husband suffered quite badly with breathlessness (He had 2 large and 8 small mets in his lungs) and was referred to a kinesthesiologist (they are very present in healthcare in France - chest infections often get you a referral for help). She worked with him with his breathing and posture and then with his position in bed and it seemed to help him quite a lot. Hope you get some relief soon. Sending you a big hug. :x::x::x:

Jacey Connell 74

@LABluebell Thank you Hun. I have. Multiple Mets over a 1cm and two large ones in each lung. I am under the hospice and will be attaending the clinic there to help with the breathlessness. :x::x::x::x:


Hope you get some help and relief at the clinic @Jacey Connell 74.

I get breathless going up hills but I think it’s because I’m unfit and a bit anaemic.

Sending love,



Hi @Jacey Connell 74 So sorry to hear of your recurrence I have some shortness of breath I also have lung mets I am on chemo at the moment it seems with me to get worse on day 5 and six when I am at my worst with fatigue. Glad to hear that you are getting help you need.
Best wishes
Kim :x::x:

Jacey Connell 74

@springer michelle Hi Hun not so good. Under the hospice as well now as my symptoms are getting worse. Only managed two oxy cycles in Feb. Haven’t been able to have anymore as I have infections that I can’t get over. How are you? :x::x:


Hi @Jacey Connell 74 so sorry things are tough at the moment. Have they paused chemo for now? Hope you’re getting good support from your hospice. Thinking of you :x::x:

Jacey Connell 74

Hi @HH79 no they keep trying each week but bloods aren’t good and constant infections. So will just keep trying each week :x::x:


Oh it’s so frustrating whilst we don’t like chemo, we want it! Keeping all things crossed for you can have another cycle soon and they get on top of the infections. Lots love :x::x:

springer michelle

Sorry to hear this @Jacey Connell 74 . Hope you can soon get to be ok enough for more chemo . Kick those infections away. Im good. Working hard and enjoying my gorgeous grandchildren x here for you


Just wanted to send you a big huge hug @Jacey Connell 74

Here’s hoping for a better week?

Loads of love and strength,



Hi Jacey Connell 74. Just wondering..what are they trying to do to clear up your infections..just giving you antibiotics?
Must be annoying getting knocked back for chemo every week.
Obviously your oncologist thinks you'll be OK the week after..but then the bloods tell otherwise.
Keep the faith and you shall get your chemo soon hopefully! ☺

Jacey Connell 74

@Jaap Hi Hun antibiotics and steroids at the mo. They are trying different antibiotics to try and knock the infection back. Fingers crossed :x::x: