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New and scared 20/03.... surgery done 18/04. Good results today.

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum. Im in absolute shock. I'm a mum of 3, my baby is only 16 weeks old. I have a 9 and 6 year old.

I have been having problems for a couple of years on and off but they got a lot worse during the second half of my pregnancy with bleeding, mucous, constipation, liquid stool etc. GP fobbed me off each time saying IBS, won't be anything worse at your age (36 now).

After my pregnancy I mentioned it again at my 6 week check. Had a calprotectin stool test which came back showing inflammation. Was given medication for IBD and symptoms got better.

I think every one suspected IBD, including me.

I had a colonoscopy on Sunday morning and they found 45mm 'probably malignant polypoidal tumour'.( In Rectum)

Have been referred for staging CT and MRI and wait for x5 biopsy results.

I'm so scared and shocked and numb.

Thought last year was the worst of our lives as our 6 year old had a lung removed due to irreversible damage caused by Cystic Fibrosis. Our little girl was born 16 weeks ago and everything seemed to be going well and feeling positive for the future. I'm now feeling terrified and lost. Google hasn't help.

Anyone with advice or been in a similar situation?

Thank you in advance


Thank you @Sparrow, I have just been allowed out for some fresh air in a wheelchair, and visited by the children and been up walking a bit. So tired now!! :x::x:


Hi @LWJ81 glad to hear the operation went well and you have no stoma bag. I had my right hemi operation on the 15th April and was allowed home on Sunday evening - so exactly 7 days in hospital, and it is so nice to be back in my own bed. Keyhole didn't work so I have an 20cm zip stapled together. No piece bathing costume for me anymore!

I found peppermint tea, or eating chewing gum helped me a lot - it refreshes the mouth and gets the gut working., and you don't swallow it. I couldn't pass wind for almost the whole week and it was the trapped wind that was causing me pain. For a couple of days I had to have an NG (nasal gastro) tube put through the nose to the stomach because I was vomiting up bile and that was the worst bit, but had to laugh when my 7 year old granddaughter laughed at GrannyMac with her elephant trunk!

I found walking as much as possible helped enormously and I kept to a light diet of soups, jelly, ice cream and iced lollies rather than trying to eat cooked meals or even sandwiches. My husband read all the Beating Bowel Cancer Booklets, especially the Eating Well one and went out and bought all the right ingredients and has been wonderful at cooking me small but delicious meals and the nether region seems to be functioning OK but still early days yet.

The main thing is to keep a positive attitude, let your family help as much as they can, and I only found this site when my Macmillan nurse told me about it a month ago when I was diagnosed, but I have found it so supportive and know that I will need help when I get to the chemo stage in 4-5 weeks time.

Hope you are back home now with your husband and children, but if not, it won't be long before you are.

Elmac / Elaine / GrannyMac


@LWJ81 Glad to hear your ops over and your ok. I managed a motion within 24 hours but I was stuffing foid in and asked for laxitive as I was desperate not to have the ng tube again!! The more you can move about the better, I pinched the old dears zimmer frame in the bed next to me and would walk to the loo and back even if I didn't need a wee. But take it easy and don't do more than your body cab Handel. Thinking of you. :x:


Hi @Elmac, thank you for your message! Glad to hear that you're doing well!
I came home yesterday, it took 7 days for my first bowel movement! And haven't stopped since although it does seem better by this morning.

Thanks @1234annie, nice to hear from you, hope you're doing ok!

I'm so happy to be home in my own bed!
The surgeon has been great and came to see me most days just to chat even though he is on annual leave! He is very dedicated to his patients and had been told this before surgery but have seen it first hand now.

The specialist nurse has been so great too, very reassuring and lots of good advice.
She gave me my appointment for my follow-up. She said results weren't back so I won't be discussed at MDT until next Friday.
I'm trying not to think about that at the moment though and concentrating on healing and getting stronger.



@LWJ81 that's so lovely. My Consultant checked on me too on his day off. Aren't they amazing people! Don't think to much about histology, it is what it is and you can't change it only give your everything. ..which you are ❤


@LWJ81 Its a brilliant feeling to be home and in your own bed. My colorectal nurse is also brilliant, she always is happy to help and never complains and keeps things moving along. Hope you recover quickly.



So glad to hear that you are home @LWJ81 and back with your family, especially the little one - it is now Day 6 of me being at home and the first morning of what I would call a proper fart, so things are happening. I have found eating , on recommendation by my Macmillan colorectal nurse, marshmallows and jelly babies (I bought a 1kg bag of really nice jelly babies from Grape Tree and they do mail order too if you don't have a shop near you) - My husband enjoys them as well - apparently the gelatine in them helps to firm up the stools and it seems to be working for me.

Your family must be delighted to have you home and will no doubt spoil you rotten - but make sure you get up and do a little walk every day. My daughter and grand-daughter came down from Scotland yesterday for a long weekend and it is great fun to have a little one (age 7) around.

Keep posting


Thanks @Elmac for the message!
I hope that you have a lovely time with your daughter and granddaughter! :x::x:

I had a shock this morning! Passed quite a hard stool along with 3 staples!!!!!!!!
Went straight to the hospital. The surgeon said straight away this is normal and not to worry unless I had pain or bleeding.
The only pain I have is pressure. He examined my tummy and bottom and said I have a lot of hard poo that needs to come out!!!!! He put a couple of glycerin suppositories in and prescribed some lactulose.
Most people seem to have runny stools after anterior resection. I have that as well but it is overflow!!! Any advice on top of what the doctors have said?
Thanks in advance!! :x::x::x:


Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give a post op update.

The specialist nurse called today.

She immediately told me it was good news.

My original biopsies showed precancerous cells but surgeon pretty sure there'd be cancer cells in the large polyp. It was an early stage cancer, a well behaved type apparently. My lymph nodes and veins were all clear so best news I could have got. No chemo needed.
Got such mixed emotions. I'm still so angry and confused that I had it in the first place, but obviously grateful for the best outcome. I know from reading people's stories on here that I'm lucky with this outcome, but like all of us I'm sure, wish it hadn't happened at all.
They will be keeping an extra close eye on me now which is good. I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for your kindness and reassuring words over the last few weeks.

Bear G

Fab news @LWJ81
Congratulations, that’s the dream result, phew!


Oh @LWJ81 , I am so pleased for you,what a relief. Thanks for updating us so promptly. ...we do worry! :x::x:


Excellent news so pleased for you


Brilliant news @LWJ81 you must be so chuffed!



Fabulous news- I hope you will be celebrating this weekend.


That’s brilliant news @LWJ81 so pleased for you :x::x::x:


Get out the champagne! Great news


Great news :x: :x: :x:


Thats the best news @LWJ81 I am so happy for you and your family Very happy indeed You slap a great big smile on your face girl and have a party !
Love Cath :x::x:


That's fantastic news @LWJ81, celebrate in the sunshine :) :x::x:


Thanks so much everyone :x::x::x::x: