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Good news

My oncologist was in a late clinic and I was beginning to panic, but he phoned and told me the good news that the scans were clear. My daughter gets married next month, and hubby is taking early retirement at the end of next week and we are planning to move house. I’m so happy at the mo, I was so scared this result would burst my happy bubble. I’ve got another two lots of scans before I reach the two year mark, what happens them I’m not sure but just to reach that goal would be a miracle. I continue to live in hope, and look forward to a restful sleep tonight. Love D :x::x::x::x::x::x:

El Ivan

Just seen this. Brilliant news @DianeS 😃:x:


Good news @DianeS. So pleased for you :x::x::x:


That is amazing news @DianeS - really happy for you!


Wonderful news @DianeS :x::x:


Really pleased for you. Great news @DianeS


YAY!! That’s great new @DianeS, so pleased for you 😊


Fantastic news @DianeS :x::x:


Awesome news @DianeS. So glad they came back clear for you :x:


Thank you all so much for your continued support, sorry I can’t tag you all, but I thank each and every one of you, don’t know where I would be without you all love D :x::x::x::x::x::x::x:

lynn collier

Such good news for a lovely and kind person may yr happiness continue :x::x::x:


Well done @DianeS , that's great news. :x::x::x::x::x:


That is brilliant news '@DianeS.i THINK YOU HAVE A VERY GOOD CHANCE TO REACH THE 2YEAR MARK WITH CLEAR SCANS.yOU ARE DEFINITELY HEADING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION AND PERHAPS ARE A LITTLE PESSIMISTIC IN THINKING YOU NEED A MIRACLE.a LITTLE BIT OF LUCK IS ALL THAT IS REQUIRED. Sorry for not replying sooner to your post, but i was in a little bit of panic myself as i found it impossible to log on to this website for 8 days. You really do appreciate something when it is no longer there.Something about server not recognising source. I was greatly relieved when i managed to get through tonight.Best of luck with the future and i am really delighted with your excellent news. Love BICHON


Great news @DianeS! So pleased for you. May my husband's treatment goes well as well. :x:


Great news @DianeS. Just seen your post. Hope move goes well :x::x::x:


Great news @DianesS. Really glad the scans came back clear, now you can get on and enjoy those plans! :x:


Super news @DianeS :x::x::x:


Amazing news @DianeS :x::x::x:


Wonderful news @DianeS, I hope you have had lots of good nights sleep and that your daughter's wedding goes absolutely marvelously! Sarah :x::x:


Yay @DianeS, congratulations on your wonderful news! Good luck with the move, your daughter's wedding and your hubby's retirement!! Thinking of you and wishing you nothing but blue skies and sunny days ahead .. much love and hugs :x::x::x:


Well done @DianeS 👍👍👍