Life with bowel cancer


pain in right side

hi just asking if any one is bothered with a pain on there right side i have had it for 3 days now mine is from under my are right arm pit down to my hips and never had a pain like it maybe it is just what i will have with the bowel cancer i will be seeing the palliative care nurse tomorrow so i will ask her just asking before i see her i know she thinks my bowel is not emptying right as my belly is swollen a bit and with the meds i'am on is making me just passing is mostly water stuff i have a stent in but not making any different in my toilet movements


Hi @tom1951

I would phone your GP or cancer nurse just to get it checked out. I get various pains and it's only natural to worry. But don't wait get to the doctor or hospital and have them have a look at you, maybe nothing.

Good luck :x::x::x:


saw a nurse today i see her for my c.o.p.d and she thinks is fluid in bottom of my lung so going for a xray in morning


well x ray came back showing no fluid in lungs but still don't know where the pain in coming from in my right side some days it bad others it eases off so don't have a clue


Good morning @rom1951

If you haven’t got the pain resolved yet, I’d be thinking of calling your GP surgery for an appointment on Tuesday? Obviously, if you become more concerned or it’s getting worse, then call the out of hours GP either today/tomorrow.

Either way, I hope it improves for you.

Sending lots of love and best wishes,