Raising Awareness

Bear G

Thanks for posting this @GD1962
This is another great example of the fab work this charity (Beating Bowel Cancer / Bowel Cancer UK) is doing to get early diagnosis.

“Alagiah told the Sunday Times he was supporting a campaign by Bowel Cancer UK to make screening available to everyone in England from 50.”


Hi @Bear G It was so good to get George A pushing the issue as seems a really decent guy too. Cheers :)


So sorry to read George A’s cancer returned. Although we have the FOB screening at 50, it fails a lot of people. I had several false negatives, so even doing the test from 50, was diagnosed after 9 months of symptoms, as stage 3C. Definitely not early. I also know a few people in Scotland who also did the test, false negatives, and died within months of diagnosis . Colonoscopies are needed for everyone, FOB misses l lot of cancers, and worst of all, gives false sense of security. :x:

Bear G

Just tagging @RosemaryA and @Charlotte Nurse Advisor to ask if they can post info on current screening, the FIT test and the ongoing campaign.