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Results Back From MRI - Miracles can happen

This morning I had an MRI of liver as CT scan last week showed a new 1.2cm ill defined low attenuation mass on my liver resection margin. My (very special) specialist nurse has just called me to tell me that the MRI has come back and shown that there is no evidence of cancer. She couldn't give me full details but wanted to tell me the amazing news as she knew how worried I was. I have a meeting in the next couple of weeks to discuss the results in detail. I just wanted to share this and give people hope that sometimes miracles do happen.


Brilliant news :x::x:


Such good news @eyeofthetiger thank you for sharing :x::x:


@eyeofthetiger this is AMAZING news, i am so happy for you. I'd be interested to know what they thought they had seen on the MRI and what they think it is was? :x::x::x:


@Caraeliz24 I have an appointment on Monday to discuss the results of the CT and MRI scan. I am still bewildered by the results of the MRI confirming NED but very happy and wanting confirmation that this is 100% correct. I will let you know the outcome. This is such a roller coaster ride. :x::x::x:


Amazing news just love reading this 💕

margaret ensor

Well done!!!! Margaret


Fantastic news so pleased for you :x::x::x:


Fab news and it’s great to hear. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 :x::x:


Hi@eyeoftiger, extremely pleased for you. I too am hoping for my own miracle :x::x::x:


Thank you all for your supportive posts. @Caraeliz24 @Seashells @Clancy. The MRI scan showed that the small lesion/mass shown on the CT scan was fluid that is sitting behind the ablated liver resection margin. I think that that they thought it was more than likely a recurrence as my margin had cancer cells present but were ablated. They are hoping the fluid will disperse on its own, otherwise they will look at removing it in time. Hope all is well with you lovely ladies and hope you get the same outcome after your MRI @Clancy (been thinking about you). :x::x::x:

P.s. They have said I will have a 3 month follow up appointment where they will do bloods but I wont be having a scan now for 6 months (diagnosed 1 year ago) which I am not happy about, how often do you have scans? Thanks :x::x::x:


Hi @eyeofthetiger. It’s really good news that this was not a recurrence. I think CT scans do tend to pick up all sorts. My husband was told he had 6 mets in 5 parts of his liver when he had his staging CT. The MRI showed that there were only 3 small ones. They had intended to operate but chemo worked so well they disappeared. He has been told they’re likely to return though. He has a liver MRI on Thursday with results on 3 May.
The oncologist has said he will have alternate bloods and scans every 3 months. I am concerned that 6 months between scans is a long time as he was also only diagnosed a year ago. :x::x:


Thanks @KarenE. I have just read your profile and it is brilliant that the chemo completely kicked cancers butt. Not bad for us mutants! Did your husbands tumour secrete CEA? Mine did so I am hoping that this will be a good indicator if I have a recurrence and will be having blood tests every 3 months. I wish you all the best for your scan results on 3rd May and that the chemo got rid of the liver beasties once and for all. :x::x::x:


Hi @eyeofthetiger. My husbands tumour did secrete CEA. It was 22.2 at diagnosis. Our hospital doesn’t routinely check CEA levels during chemo so we asked the nurses who do the bloods to have it tested and it’s now below 2.
He will have it tested now every other 3 months. So like you we hope this will flag up anything nasty.:x::x:


@eyeofthetiger Charlie had fluid in lung after resection, it dispersed naturally, so hopefully that will be the same for you. I also wasn`t happy with 6 month scans so we are having 3 month scans at least for first 12-18 months, maybe you can ask if they can be flexible for the first year? :x::x:


That is amazing news @eyeofthetiger . I'm so so happy for you. This good news us very uplifting for us all ❤❤❤
My scans are every 6 months but bloods every 3 months. Last bloods 0.8 so I'm praying the next scan (may) is clear.


What fantastic news @eyeofthetiger !! Bet your thrilled, just shows miracles can and do happen. Its lovely and uplifting to read. Take care and sending hugs :x::x::x: