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It may be back

Hi everyone, just got back from the Christie meeting with oncologist, my CT scan results. There are two lesions on the resection joins, where the clips are, on my liver. He thinks it's highly likely that it is recurrence. So MRI scan booked, then the plan is either chemo or SABAR. Something else for me to research. He thinks surgery is unlikely and I am inclined to agree.:x::x:


Hello @Clancy

So sorry to read about your recurrence, that's rotten news and hope you are coping with it as well. Keep us updated...

Hugs and positive healing thoughts :x::x::x:


@GD1962, Thankyou, I am ok, this is the second recurrence but there are options. I remain positive because it hasn't spread anywhere else.:x::x:


Sorry to read this! But maybe similar to @eyeofthetiger as on the join and not cancerous, I’ll keep everything crossed :x::x::x:


Hi @Clancy

We had operation roughly same time, see oncologist tomorrow am, probably opt for the mop up chemo tomorrow. Glad you say it's not spread, hopefully get same outcome as @eyeofthetiger. :x::x::x:

terri m

Hello@clancy . sorry to hear your news. Hope the MRI scan shows positive outcome :x::x::x::x:


So sorry to hear this @Clancy.Do hope that this iturns out to be a false positive and all is ok. :x::x::x:


Nooooo! I really hope and pray that all will be well....and yes, think of @eyeofthetiger and her recent scan!

Keep us posted!

Loads of love,



@Clancy I am so sorry to read your update. My recent situation sounds so similar to yours. My CT scan showed an ill defined mass on liver resection margin and I was also told it was highly likely that it was a recurrence. My MRI however showed that it wasn't a recurrence and no evidence of cancer. I still do not know what the CT scan revealed and I will find out on Monday so I will message you the outcome of the appointment, which may allay your worries if you want me to. The positives that I clung onto were that it wasn't a new site and it was caught early so it could be zapped one way or another. Please feel free to PM me as I understand how you must be feeling. Lots of love Jane :x::x::x:


Hi @Clancy so sorry on this. Oxford talking highly of SABR & can be curative or at least knock it away for ages / time off chemo. Lots love :x:


Sorry to read your post @Clancy and I know how worried you will be until you know for certain what is showing on the scan. @eyeofthetiger has given you a lot of hope, and we will all be keeping our fingers crossed for you. Diane :x::x::x::x:


Gutted to read your news but your positivity will carry you though. I will pray for a positive outcome for you. ❤


Sorry to hear this @Clancy. I'll be keeping my fingers tightly crossed for the MRI results and hoping for nothing but a scarred liver🤞🏻 :x::x: