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Some Positive News

Thought I would share my positive news. After being ‘cured’ last year I quickly found myself hearing that I have Liver , Lymph and Bone metastasis. Unusual for LYNCH apparently. Still in shock 5 months on . However , I have had 6 cycles of FOLFIRI and Panitumumab. CT needs formal reporting but my oncologist says there is a significant improvement, everything looks smaller and my CEA is now 2 ( from 24). I’m still in shock after being given negative news at reoccurrence diagnosis.... treatment to continue for another 6 cycles ..... what options might there be after that ...?
Have a lovely weekend :x::x:


Hi @Jane39

So glad that your folfori cocktail has shown positive shrinkage of your mets and lower CEA, assume possible liver resection for a start, but others can advise you on lymph and bone issues.

Hugs and positive healing :x:


Great news @Jane39 !

It may well be that chemo may continue indefinitely?? I’m on Folfiri and Cetuximab and responding well still. When it stops working, my onc is planning the next cocktail for me! I’ve had 38 cycles of it albeit with a six month break for two ops. I like the feeling that it’s keeping everything in check and has almost obliterated all my little liver mets! There only one tiny one left, too small to measure apparently!

Sounds like your doing just great!!

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Loving your good news @Jane39 :x:


You never know @Jane39, that is really good news, thanks to your cancer battering cocktail. Hope you are bearing up alright with the doses. Good luck.:x::x:


Thanks all . @GD1962 .. yes I am thinking the same . @Baxter2 ... sounds like you have a great team looking after you . You are so supportive... thank you . @Pam . Thankyou . @Clancy .. thanks ... I’ve had dose reductions on 5Fu and Irinotecan....because of Neutropenia and Bowel issues ... last two cycles much better .... much easier than Oxaliplatin! :x::x:


Great news@jane39, great to see that the Chemo is doing it's job.:x::x::x:


Another wonder women here @Jane39! Thankyou for sharing your positive update with us and here's to more of the same in the future 💪🏻. Sending love :x::x:


That sounds like a great response @Jane39 so lovely to hear positive news 😄 You go girl!! :x::x::x:


Thank you @jinnyp . We have a similar story and I learn so much from this forum in options / treatment ..... things I can ask / research that I would have never known about . :x::x:


@Jane39 I agree with you about learning so much from the forum - I think my oncologist must groan every time I ask him about something I've read about on here. Liver resection is my mission at the moment 😄
Take care :x::x::x:


@Jane39, so good to hear these news. Well done.🤗


Thank you @Sele2017 ... your histology and tough few years are similar to mine . Are you off chemo now . I’ve just had cycle 7 and aiming for 12 and wonder, what after ....


@Jane39 lovely to hear this news :x::x::x:


Thankyou @Rach for your message :x::x:


@Jane39 sorry for the late reply. I am on 5fu and cetuximab at the moment, i finished folfiri last December and now on maintenance chemo. Yes it has been tough years but we keep on fighting and don't let the cancer dictate our daily life. I am working full time and normally takes 2 days off for the treatment. Wishing you all the best too.:x::x: