Life with bowel cancer



For all of you lovely people on this journey thought I would share this.

Hope- is a man.
One minute it's there, making you feel all cosy and safe, the next you don't know where the heck it's gone.
Of course, it's off with someone else, making them feel all secure and upbeat, while you plunge around in the depths of despair, until it suddenly swoops back in again to give you another little perk-up.
For two pins I'd give it up altogether, chuck it out on its ear and tell it to go turn someone else into a basket case, but just as I get to the point of doing it, I'm suddenly seduced all over again into believing I can beat all the odds and win.
No, he's a dreadful rogue is hope, undesirable, untamable, and totally irresistible.
Have a great weekend.Maggie :x:


Hi @"Maggie-Mae"

Sorry to read this tale of despair. Hope for me is not necessarily yearning for a cure or remission, but has been coming to the acceptance that my future is highly uncertain and that my life expectancy is somewhat curtailed compared to healthy people my age.

I think confronting your death and dying is very important, then and only then have I found hope in the context that I will cope and enjoy what time I have left and be able to make some decision about the quality of each day.

Anyway, if as you say that hope is a man, then placing your trust in man is like placing trying to put a bridle on a horse, it runs away. So, I don't place my trust primarily in man, and it works for me.

Hugs and positive healing :x::x::x:


Hello @GD1962. Sorry, this post wasn't supposed to be a tale of despair, only to say that hope has a way of coming and going, especially in our circumstances, but in the end of is always there. Take care. Maggie :x::x: