Life with bowel cancer


Diet & Nutrition

I’ve read a few things about cutting out sugar, dairy, red meat etc.. do any of you believe in this?

A bit stuck between everything in moderation and enjoying life’s small pleasures through this horrible time...and doing everything I can to increase my chances!

Bear G

Hi @DMR700

We’ve all got our own interpretations of this but I think you know I’m with you:
the 80:20 rule
everything in moderation
a little bit of what you fancy

I do try to reduce things like added sugar but am fairly relaxed about it.

I’m confident that what I’m doing has worked for me - stage 4 at diagnosis, I have active disease but it’s well controlled and I’m approaching my fifth anniversary. That’s not saying everyone should do what I do, just that it seems to have worked for me and I enjoy it.

Have friends coming round for fish and chips later 🤓

Big hugs


@DMR700 we ate pretty well before he was diagnosed so don`t really want to change much. My hubby loves healthy food, but he also loves a gooey choccy pud, and he loves a drop of wine, or a beer occassionally. The only changes we have made are much leaner meats, and we eat far more fish than we did. Our Onc advised the mediteranean diet, so that is what we have adopted. But like @Bear G everything in moderation. He does however have a multi vit now, and we did introduce tumeric, but only low dose as our Onc doesn`t want any interference with chemo. :x::x::x:


Hi @DMR700 , when Geoff was diagnosed he was told to cut out red meat which we have both done , I tried making healthy smoothies and getting Geoff’s diet healthier, but since his reversal it’s been difficult


Hello @DMR700

I eat a soft diet because of my ileostomy, and it's very bland and probably not too high in fibre but that was my recommended diet by Christies. So I am the worst person to give advice.

Maybe avoid the deep fried mars bars from the chippies we used to have around Glasgow and South Lanarkshire is always a good start....


Hi @DMR700 - I had a good look at this when I was diagnosed, and concluded that (in moderation) everything was appropriate.

The only thing I would say is that populations that have a lot of vegetarians have a lower incidence of bowel cancer, and this is thought to be due to keeping things moving through the bowel. So I eat red meat maybe once a week, chicken and fish maybe three times a week, and lots of veg to keep things moving (so not too many pastas etc). Everyone has to find their own path through this I think!