Stage 4 bowel cancer


such a long time

my partner has been having bleeding and constpation for 5 months, he was diagnosed with advanced rectal cancer when he had a colcoscopy a month ago, a ct scan showed no spread, and he had to have a stoma 10 days ago as the tumour was blocking his bowel.. he has an mri scan tomorrow.. and doesnt see the medical team until the 16th.. all this waiting has worried me incase it has spread now... why does it take so long??


@mandajayne , waiting for a scan result is very painful, but I am sure he is in good care. But what I have learned from this cancer journey, if something that requires urgent matter, they deal with it straight away. I know the worry is always there as you don't know what is the result, but try and allocate your attention somewhere else and the time will fly by! That is how i do to put the worrying at bay. Wishing you all the best..:x::x:


thankyou for your reply.. he had the mri.. was supposed to see the medical team on the 16th.. but been put back till the 19th.. so more time to wait and worry.. but as you said.. if it was urgent..surley they would have seen him sooner.. as they have all the test results in now.. :x::x: