Raising Awareness


24hr Peaky Climbers for Beating Bowel Cancer


My wonderful husband and his mates are going to undertake the 3 peak challenge to raise awareness and funds for Beating Bowel Cancer & Bowel Cancer UK

Check out the link above and feel free to share! Thanks :x::x::x::x:


Wonderful effort @DMR700! You must feel so proud!

Good luck to everyone involved!


Bear G

Brilliant news, good luck to all involved
What a fab thing to do!
Tagging @RosemaryA so the office are in the loop


Woohoo - thank you so much to your husband and friends @DMR700!
Apologies for the slow response (I missed the tag somehow) but I'll see what we can do to get the link out across our social media channels.
Tough one, that Three Peaks ... Good luck to one and all! :x::x: