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Name scored through

Just random. What is the reason for scored through names? I’ve noticed a couple lately. I worried at first that they may be deceased but then noticed that they carry on posting.
My current thinking is that they may be moderators who have stepped down. Is this the reason?
Best wishes to all :x::x::x:

david watt

My understanding is that they have left the forum, maybe deactivated their account. Sometimes people recover and want to move on.


Seems strange @GD1962 has scored through today 🤔Hope he's ok! :x::x:


Hello @Mags54 - @david watt is spot on with his description! We also have a number of patients who join the forum when they are first being investigated for suspected bowel cancer but who (understandably) leave us pretty quickly when they are given the all clear or an alternative cause for their symptoms is identified.
The posts you are seeing are historic as we do not remove a users content from the forum unless they expressly request us to do so.
Agreed that the labelling isn't very subtle - it's something we're looking into.
However @Polly68 that doesn't seem right:thanks for flagging and we'll look into it PDQ.


Yes, @Polly68 , that's what actually alerted me, also Brian, which was why I thought it was because of stepping down from being a moderator.
I'll miss @GD1962 if he has stopped posting!


i was wondering that too lol


I raised this a while as it happened with deceased users too, which is actually quite upsetting visually. The sooner you can remedy the better! Thx


@Mags54 @EleanorJ @mandajayne

Hi all. When you see a name scored through it is when a user has left the forum. As it's happens @GD1962 is back on the forum under a different user name @GD62.

Normally if a person has deceased it will say that under their name. Brian has left the forum for now.

All of the items you mention are being looked at currently with the BBC and Bowel Cancer UK site and they are trying to work out best way forward.

Hope that helps a bit.

Tiffany :x:


@Tiffany. Thanks for the explanation :x::x:


Thank you :x::x:


Oh good :) :x:


I feel a sad pain in my heart when I go back through a conversation and read comments from someone who has died ......They always sound so caring and full of optimism for the future
Its really upsetting ....Most of us have never met each other but we share so much on here ....We expose our worries and concerns to total strangers ..who by the coincidence of a mutual upheaval find themselves walking along the same path
We all arrive here all panic stricken and distressed ....Our lovely comfortable life blown to smithereens
We are comforted and reassured by the replies of people who are further down the path
They know how bad you feel They hold your hand and lead you along when you stumble
They have spent nights wide awake worrying about their future, spent hours waiting for phone calls ,letters results and reports
Its really hard to accept that all stories do not have a happy ending
But accept it we must ....If everything in life came with a guarantee then life would not be so precious and we would not fight so hard to stay alive . . .
Goodnight dear friends
Cath :x: :x:


great post @KatieR lot of what you have written rings true for all of us - Ron :x::x: