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Disappointing nurse advice!

I'm two and a half years post cancer surgery and had two further polyps removed at my one year colonoscopy. I recently started getting mucus again and yesterday bright red blood (same symptoms I had for cancer and which I was wrongly told were piles for years).

Just phoned the nurses to ask for my colonoscopy to be moved forward due to bleeding, and she suggested it was most likely piles if it was bright red blood!!!! Obviously I very firmly put her straight and told her this was what I was told for years when it was in fact a tumour, but I couldn't actually believe what I was hearing from the team who dealt with my cancer!!

She has agreed to try and move the scan forward and phone me back but I just needed to get my anger and frustration off my chest with people who will definitely understand. Thank you for letting me vent :x::x::x::x:


I agree @Catt79

My only symptom (apart from tiredness ) was a single spot of bright red blood....I get so upset when I read that fresh blood is nothing to worry about.

Having said that, I really hope that the nurse is right, you are wrong, and that an early colonoscopy soon puts your mind at rest. :x:


Quite honestly without being vindictive and trying to get someone in trouble, I strongly believe this nurse needs reporting to someone. Someone less strong than you may have accepted that stupid advice and not had good outcome. I am actually so flabbergasted and fuming! For any other health professional it may have been even slightly understandable but this is someone who should know!! :x::x:


This is shocking!!!!!! I cannot believe it.. so glad that you were assertive as many others wouldn’t be. @Catt79 :x::x::x:


Thank you @Lizalou @Stillme @kw1983 it's nice to know that others are as horrified by this response as I was. What on earth was she actually thinking?!!

In good news though, she called me back later and had got me an urgent colonoscopy next week, so whoever she spoke to after the first phone call clearly took it more seriously than she did!

I agree that it should be reported but I feel like the team there already think I'm a fusspot! Just gonna keep my fingers crossed now that it's just a polyp or even the infamous piles that are found next Thursday :) I'll post back after the scope and update :x::x:


Well good luck and definitely come back and let us know :x::x::x:

Gg k

You have every right to feel angry.
I had to push and push to get a colonoscopy earlier than a year post op even tho I had been told I had multiple polyps at my first colonoscopy. 3 months after op I had 7 polyps removed then a total of 35 removed some big ones cut out in 6 more colonoscopies in the next 12 months.
I found my specialist nurses in London to be most uncaring- no dietary advice - and basically told me they were too busy to deal with me as they had so many newly diagnosed cases.
Fortunately my consultant was lovely and from then I bypassed nurses and spoke directly to him. Maybe you could do the same ?
Good luck with your colonoscopy - fingers crossed. :x:


@Gg k your situation sounds similar to mine, but with more polyps. At diagnosis I had the tumour plus five polyps, one pre-cancerous. Eight months after op I had symptoms and a colonoscopy removed two new polyps.

I too was tested for every genetic condition but came back clear. My consultant said he believes there is a genetic element but just not been discovered yet! He told me he believes I will keep growing polyps and they will keep removing them to prevent another tumour, which is all well and good but it makes me a bit anxious when I go a long time between colonoscopies.

Sometimes I wish my genetic tests had found something as at least then I'd know what I was dealing with :x::x:

Gg k

I know how you feel with the genetic testing. I to would like an answer ☺.
I'm what I call pleasantly stroppy with demanding colonoscopies every year and a CT every 12 to 18 months. I didn't really have symptoms except IBS before diagnosis and my bowel habits are all over the place and anxiety makes it worse.
I get anxious around about 2 months before a colonoscopy and ring to check im in the list for an appointment.
I hate these blinking polyps but my previous consultant always said they're slow growing and well just keep cutting them out.
Sort of reassuring I suppose but you have to have regular colonoscopies to keep same.
Good luck ☺

Gg k

Just tagging you in @Catt79.
Let us know how things go.
I've got another week to wait for Colonography CT results :x:


Good luck with your CT result @Gg k. That wait between scan and results is the worst isn't it :x::x:

Gg k

Thanks @Catt79 .
I agree it is.
I know I have one small polyp from incomplete colonoscopy (which they couldn't get at to remove😕) just hoping there's no more of the little monsters .
I should get my results round about the time of your colonoscopy.
Fingers and toes crossed for both of us. :x: