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Mum had 1st post chemo scan results- ALL CLEAR!!!!

Hello All,

Mum had her oncology consultant appointment yesterday and had her scan results from the 1st scan after chemo and so far it all looks good, there was nothing abnormal seen on the scans, which means she is currently cancer free!!!! Such a relief, so pleased. Mum and dad are planning to go to Ireland to see family and they are going to look at booking a holiday for the next few weeks. It is such great news, the consultant said go and live life.

Lots of people have asked if we have been celebrating but we haven't, we went for lunch together but I then went back to work, my sister went back home, I took the kids to their swimming lessons etc, we didn't plan for anything as that's what life has become where we couldn't really plan for things we live day to day and whatever that day produced you dealt with (and felt like we can't plan something incase it wasn't all clear either)... It does feel so strange too, doesn't feel real, cancer has become our new normal and a bit scared to embrace this new stage incase it comes back, which I know is so silly as you can not live life like that and to be honest we all feel like totally different people to what we were before cancer. Cancer is horrible but it has taught us such a lot.
I feel like we are meant to (expected to) mark it in some significant way and we haven't. Going to take mum and dad out for a meal on Sunday, my sister and I are taking mum to a spa in May and I am going to have a summer garden party with all the family and friends but we were planning on doing that anyway.

Angela :x::x::x:


Brilliant news @SheliasDaughterAngela .

But, like you, I have never felt like celebrating the good news....usually too emotionally exhausted. Just make the most of that feeling of relaxation and enjoy some good nights' sleep.

Hope your parents have a lovely holiday. :x::x:


@Lizalou thanks you, sleep what is that ha ha ha ha, kids are currently on half term and I am working from home with them home with me - relaxation after they are back to school Monday maybe (but then I will miss them lol)


What great news @SheliasDaughterAngela. So pleased for you all ☺️ :x::x:

terri m

Hi @sheliasDaughter... So pleased for your mum you.& family.. Your mum must feel very blessed, in having such a caring daughter like youxxx