Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Contact with people who have been treated with CAPOX

Hi there

My wife has been diagnosed at Stage 3 (T3N2M0) and today the Marsden have recommended four cycles of CAPOX which is likely to start in early May.

I am keen to make contact with anyone who is (or has been) in a similar situation so that we can compare notes and hopefully receive some support on how best to cope with the side-effects.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi @PaulJames, you will find that Capox is commonly the first line treatment and therefore you will be able to tap in to a wealth of very varied experiences from fellow forumites. Infact I wondered if you are aware of the search button at the top right hand corner 🔍, as this can be a very rich resource., I.e. try searching capox ..... The difficult thing is everybody reacts very differently and I know from what I have read that you are or were very ambivalent about chemo. Another suggestion that may have been made is for you to join the relative to relative section ( at the bottom of the list of topics). I think this provides a huge amount of support. Personally I avoid trying to reading about which side effects I may get other than those given to me by the hospital, same reason that I am very selective about Dr Google. For me it can be the road to madness! What does your wife feel about comparing notes with fellow forumites?
For me the key thing is that irrespective of the side effects, which are very carefully and generally effectively managed by my oncology team, chemo is my friend. I have been on it permanently since Jan 2016! Take very good care both of you, Kim :x:


Hi @PaulJames , I had 8 cycles of Capox back in 2014. Not entirely pleasant, but definitely manageable. The effects are cumulative, and I feel 4 cycles should be very manageable. I was T4 N1.:x::x:


Hello @PaulJames

Had four cycles pre-operatively which was not very pleasant but doable, although it did shrink mets sufficiently to make me operable whereas before I was inoperable and incurable. Anyway did the trick short term, both surgeon and oncologist believe it work well enough first time that I am on it as mop up therapy post operatively. So fingers crossed and bracing myself for round two.....

Good luck :x::x::x:


Hi @PaulJames I am sorry to hear of your wife’s diagnosis, but pleased you have joined our forum as you will find it extremely helpful in many ways. I was treated with Folfox and had 12 cycles in 2015. That was also do-able. Your wife’s histology was almost the same as mine. Wishing you both the very best of luck and I hope all goes well with her treatment. Diane :x::x:


Hi @PaulJames sorry to hear about your wife. I have just started Capox (T3, n1, m0). I got some very good advice on a couple of recent threads I started on advice for first IV and working while on Capox if you search just below.