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Hello my lovely lot,
Well as always I’m worried, for the last couple of weeks Geoff’s been even more tired , his bowels are even more erratic, though they have never settled down since reversal, but he is literally spent this last week 💩 all day and night long, I genuinely don’t know where it all comes from as he is eating Buggar all!!!!!
Was even incontinant again yesterday!! Yellow foul smelling!
As usual he won’t talk , I know he is worried as well because he has made an appointment to see his doctor on Monday,
Scan and colonoscopy are next month, I’ve convinced myself this is a recurrence 😢

jane brown

Why don’t you try ringing one of the ward nurses on the unit where he had his op. I find they are really helpful and if I describe my husbands symptoms they email the consultant for me and I get a response in 24 hours

Kathy L

As above. That would be my first port of call or the colorectal nurses. Hope everything settles soon.
Took my OH a while to settle down. Either too much or too little and now 1 yr on,a reasonable pattern but nothing you can rely on.
Kathy :x:


Hi @sweetcheeks my advice would also be to ring the ward sister, or one of the colorectal team. It’s always best to get everything checked and to have some advice on how to deal with things. So hope everything settles down soon, it must be really distressing for you both Diane :x::x::x::x:


Good morning @sweetcheeks

Sorry you’re having all this worry. I’d agree with the others in that the Colorectal Nurse would probably be in the best position to advise on this Geoff still on chemo? If so, perhaps it’s time to consider the use of the antibiotic they give you in the event of constant excessive diarrhoea? The nurse or chemo unit should be able to advise if you’re unsure.

Hope it all settles over the weekend.

Lots of love,



Morning all , I would of rang, but darling Geoff’s made it quite clear I’m doing his head in !!!!! I guess at 68 he is old enough to make that decision, even if it infuriates me !!! 😊
@Baxter2 Geoff’s not had to have any chemo,
@jane brown @Kathy L @DianeS


Gosh ... men! How frustrating for you @sweetcheeks

I know the feeling ....

Sarah :x: