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Some good news to share.

Hey folks after 7 weeks of mental torture i thought id share an update after my two year scan scare. .......

Year two scan also a ct colonoscopy 27/02/18

Bowel clear
Trunk clear
Liver etc all good,
And bloods normal

However radiologist has found pulmonary nodules, the anxiety had kicked in and awaiting to see whats going on,

MDT meeting was held 01/03/18 and my case brought up, from this they say this has no connection to my bowel cancer, but i need to be reffered to a rispiratory specialist.

I was called by the hospital and an appointment had become available 14/03/18
Seen the respiratory consultant,
My lung function was perfect.
Bloods good.
Heart rate through the roof (anxiety)
Weight good.
A Bacterial infection (we never discussed)
And in his words.... “if i had no previous cancer he is certain that i have sarcoidosis Inflamatory of the glands, and he would not be seeing me again. But due to having a previous he needs to follow up with a camera check in the lung with biopsys as a standard procedure for some one in my situation.
Awaiting my day to go in should be approx 3/4 weeks time.

Western general, very first person to have bronchoscopy in the western as it was a new clinc opened, every man and their dog was there so i was in safe hands!
Lung biopsy's taken of several lymph nodes, to be honest its not the greatest of procedures, infact it was horrible to have done but needs must and its done.
Awaiting results (hopefully end of next week)

Well today 12/04/18 consultant phoned,
I am technically now all clear and it was confirmed after pathology that i have stage one Sarcoidosis not a return of the other crap.
The last 7 weeks have been mental torture again but im now on the other side feeling ontop of the world, i will sleep well tonight,

I just wanted to share some good news with everyone and i hope your all well. Keep up the fight as we can do it. ❤️


Absolutely fanbloomintastic news @mikey83 !

I’m just so chuffed for you!

Sleep well tonight!



Thank you @Baxter2 ,
Hope your well. Looking forward to the next meet.

Mikey :x:


Really great news @mikey83. I am also so chuffed for you! :x::x:


well done @mikey83 great news :x::x:


Wonderful news @mikey83 :x::x:

Polly 1

Brilliant news @mikey83 the waiting is torture isnt it :x:


@mikey83 fab :x::x:


Thanks guys @Rach @Polly 1 @Pam @charleyb @mem really apreciate it, the mind was wandering so much the last few weeks i felt i was going mad, cried with happiness and feel so deflated and tired,
Wish you all and partners/relatives all the very best. ❤️❤️


Aww @mikey83, fantastic news, so happy for you. :x::x:


@Clancy thank you :x::x:


Good news @mikey83 , pleased for you :x::x:


Fantastic news @mikey83 - so pleased for you :x::x::x:

terri m

Pleased with your news. What a relief for you @mickeyf83.. Time to celebrate🍾 :x::x::x:


Wonderful news @mikey83 !


Wonderful to have some good new @mikey83. All the best :x::x::x:


@mikey83 . Great news for you after what sounds a horrid and stressful 7 weeks . So pleased for you :x:


Thank you all, i nodded off thinking i’ll have a geat sleep, but im still in the wide awake club, im sure the body clock will settle at some point, head has been al over the place recently.
Hope your all well xx❤️


@mikey83 Fabulous news :x::x:


Thank you @Sparkles , im currently nursing a slight hangover at work today 😂🙈 got a little carried away with the wine last night haha. Hope you are well :x: