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How big an operation for LAR Ileostomy reversal is it?

I had an LAR operation in May last year. Everything that could go wrong did! Without going into too much detail, I lost almost 3 stone in weight and I'm now just getting back on my feet. I can't put up with the Ileostomy bag for much longer. I would like to know how big an operation is and how much it takes out of people in general. Any advice would be appreciated. Sorry to @Pallvi


@palace1960 for not getting back to you. Hope you are keeping well. Best wishes to all. @ronjay. (Ron). Please delete my typing error: @Pallvi


Hi @ronjay really great to hear from you, I often wondered how you are getting on. Sorry to hear that you’ve had problems since your op, I hope things are getting better for you. As you know I had APR surgery so permanent stoma, so can’t offer you and any advice on LAR reversal but I’m sure there are a few on the forum that have and they will be along shortly. Take care - Ron


Hi @ronjay , my husband had his reversed as a day case in November, tve actual surgery caused no problems and we had an emergency number available 24/7
Not going to lie the bowels have caused a few problems, but we were warned it takes a while to have any form of a new normal,
But answer to your question the actual surgery was no problem at all,
Geoff is 68 , not that I think that makes a difference
Best of luck
Tracey :x::x:


Hi @ronjay

The actual operation should be much quicker and more straightforward. I had no significant pain at all (and I refuse morphine) and was totally mobile straight away.

The issue was that my bowels didn't work for days, needed to be on a drip. Once that was resolved, I was home and back to normal very quickly, with my bowels working at a manageable level.

Best wishes :x:


Thank you @Lizalou and @sweetcheeks. Both you comments have given me a better insight about the operation. I see the surgeon next Monday. Hopefully he will give me more information on having it done. As I've had a leak at the join since the operation, more checks will be required like scans etc. before a decision is made. Will post the outcome after my appointment.