Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Poo chat

Hi all,
I’m looking for a bit of advice.
I had a low anterior resection two weeks ago and have been recovering well.
I have a loop ileostomy at the moment and have been managing that pretty well.
Seem to have plateaued a bit today in terms of recovery, which is OK and probably to be expected, but .....
I have two leaky stoma bags today which has knocked my confidence a bit and I have also has passed a poo and some mucous from my back passage which seems a bit weird as I have had NOTHING from there since the op.
Has anyone had anything similar??
Thanks in advance wise bowlies.


my other half had an emergency stoma 2 weeks ago.. he has the same problems.. i asked the nurse and she said its quite normal to pass mucous and bits from the back passage, as the bowels are still doing their job.


Thanks @mandajayne. How’s your other half getting on?


Hi there,still in a bit of pain with his stoma,and a bit annoyed as he was supposed to have the meeting with the docs on monday,but the cancer doc is on holiday,so have to wait till Thursday now!just want the treatment to start,so we know what we are facing. I keep worrying that the cancer will spread with all this waiting about. How are you doing?


Hi @kolonodron

Really early days yet!
Don't worry at all about the poo, the loop ileostomy is not a totally closed system so you might find it happens at any time.
The leaks are really upsetting...can you ask your stoma nurse for help? Or search here on the forum for suggestions.

Take things slowly but keep a diary so that you can see all the little daily improvements in your walking ability, discomfort levels etc.

Good luck :x:


Hi @ kolonadron,I have a colostomy, but had some trouble with regular leaks after my temp one was converted to permanent. Struggles on until I decided to try some concave pouches. Result? Not a single leak in 9 months! There are concave Ileostomy pouches too, so it may be worth asking for some samples from your supplier. Can't hurt to try, and may solve the problem. The brand I'm using is Salts, and they are super sticky too, but easy to remove.


@kolonadron have you tried the stickly seals from the stoma companies, they are brillant contact your stoma nurse.


Thanks for the replies.
I saw my stoma nurse yesterday and she has suggested a convex bag. So I’ll give that a go and let you know how I get on. Thanks again