Stage 4 bowel cancer


Hair today. ......gone tomorrow

Haven’t been very @ctive lately but I do tend to read posts in the small hours...

Gutted that after wearing the cold cap on infusion 3 my hair decided to part company with me.....3 weeks before my charity ball!

Although I’m an upbeat kinda gal, this left me devastated and I took me to my bed for 3 days without wanting to see anyone and I haven’t done that since I was diagnosed!!

Anyway today I turned a corner and ventured to work to catch up with colleagues with my new wig on....boy are they hot , no one noticed ....

I am overwhelmed at losing my hair as for me it defines normality but I know in the grand scheme of things I’d rather the chemo is working than not.

Scan date 24th April, day before my birthday ,and results on the 9th......why do they make me wait sooo long !

Love to everyone whatever challenges you are facing


terri m

Thinking of you highkaren... Glad your wig turned out to be okay.. Good luck with the next scan. Xxxx💗


Hi @Highkaren I hated losing my hair and never really got used to it and yes the wigs are hot. My hair has grown back now as yours will, although it may grow back differently. I've gone from being a straight haired blonde to a brown spiky haired person. :x::x:


Oh my goodness @Highkaren! I can hardly believe this as your hair was beautiful and didn’t even look like it had thinned only a couple of weeks ago! You’ve been very unlucky I guess as most don’t lose hair entirely on bowel cancer chemo.

Hoping you are feeling a bit more chirpy and upbeat today,

Loads of love,



Hi there @Highkaren so sorry about hair loss. It must be so tough as I sometimes think the best way to cope with cancer is try ignore it and the hair loss is a reminder difficult to hide from. You will adapt in time and it will come back. Keep on keeping on as they say. Lots of love and good luck for your scan :x::x:


Hi @Highkaren

So sorry that you are upset about your hair...I would be very upset too.....nothing seems to scream 'cancer' more than hair loss.

But from an observer 's point of view, I was quite envious of my colleague's beautiful wig, which just looked as if she always spent lots of time and money on a good haircut (unlike me)

I also love the new short hair look. At that point it looks brave and makes a strong statement , as well as always being very flattering.

Hugs :x::x:


Hi @Highkaren I am sorry to hear about your hair loss especially as you have cold capped. I am having the cold cap still have my hair after 9 cycles I loss a bit when I wash it but I can't complain. Great that you have a lovely wig and nobody has notice. At the end of the day as long as the chemo is working that's what matters as you hair will grow back. Take care.
Kim :x::x: