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Life with bowel cancer


Photo Album

We can share photos in this thread. And these 2 posts show how I usually do it, but if you scroll to Angel at post number 6 it turns out that there is a much easier way ;D ;D ;D

In order to share photos on this forum you have to have them hosted somewhere else on the internet.

1. a blog
2. facebook
3. photobucket (clicky)

1. You could set up a blog and just use it to store your photos

2. I wouldn't advise getting tangled in facebook if you're not already doing it, but I like it so that's my usual uploading option

3. Photobucket is not the only photo sharing site, but I recommend it because it is easy to use in this context.

photobucket (clicky)

Quote from @mem:
What a cool dude @Dan888! They do have this knack of getting under your feet, and randomly disappearing, don't they? Glad he was ok and clearly took it in his stride 😉

Ha,ha,ha!!! You are so right @mem
He does his best at looking nonchalant!
He is so quiet too! And is very adapt at losing his bell :O

Quote from @springer michelle:
My diesel

Brilliant Michelle! He looks as if he's just taken the 1st sip of his pint of guiness!
:D:D :D

Quote from @kw1983:

Wow! Look at his coat!
Bet all at the hairdressers would be saying "just like hers/his"!!! :) :)


800 year old stone bridge, China.
Very popular with newly weds for photos!


Remind me of Monet's bridge from Norway


I was amazed that bridge had not needed any repairs even in so many centuries!
Mind you, the stones used were quite sizable and most were no longer perfectly level.
It goes up pretty high and forms almost a circular arch, so I guess that's a very stable structure.


the limestone hills are so steep and tall in YangShuo that clouds swirl around them. I could hardly believe my eyes as it was just like looking at ancient Chinese ink paintings.
Now I can understand why poets and painters would spend weeks travelling across China in the old days, just to be able to be inspired by this landscape!


don't know if this panaromic photo would show up well here?


Sunrise viewed from the top of one of those limestone peaks, reflecting off the River Li.


I can see myself standing on both of those bridges looking at the gorgeous views! If only! Lovely pics as always @Dan-888 and @Jon-T ☺️ :x::x:


Thank you for your compliment, @mem !
I'm always unsure if my pics manages to give anyone a distraction for a few moments.
There's beauty all around us. We just have to open our eyes and notice.
This one is a sunset,
in the UK!


You should never be unsure @Dan-888. Your pics are always so beautiful ☺️ :x::x:


Not really the clearest of pics @Dan-888. It actually looks more like a painting. This little fella was happily perched on his bush when hubby and I parked up at a shopping centre of all places xx


That is a SUPERB photo, @mem !
It's absolutely brilliant! It would be fantastic to find out how you did that "oil painting" effect for other pics!
I don't know why I love robins. The one who owns our garden is so aggressive!
It would actually try and peck my hand away from the handle of the fork I'd stuck into the ground for convenience, as I tried to use it but which it was perched on while waiting for me to unearth a worm or a bug!

Quote from @mem:
You should never be unsure @Dan-888. Your pics are always so beautiful ☺️

That is so extraodinarily kind of you!
Motivated, here's a snap of my hometown taken a couple of months back when I visited my 93 year old mum (who is still driving! But again, I side track!).

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia


Hall of Public Audience, Diwan-i-Am, Amber Fort Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan


That is a beautiful photo @Dan-888, where is your hometown? It looks glorious.


Beautiful again @Dan-888 ☺️. Loving that your Mum is still driving at 93! Go her! Is she safe?😉. Sorry, I’m not sure re the picture effects tbh? Hubby took it on his samsung phone! I dont think he’d know where to begin with effects 😂 .
Keep on snapping Dan 888. Lots of love :x::x:

Quote from @bettebette:
where is your hometown? It looks glorious.

Thank you!
Kota Kinabalu in Sabah (was British North Borneo), East Malaysia
It is famed for fabulous sunsets!

Quote from @mem:
Loving that your Mum is still driving at 93! Go her! Is she safe?😉.

LOL! Surprisingly, yes! She's a typical, fiestily independent character and I'll never take away her independence. She would deteriorate so fast if her spirit is crushed.
There is still a very strong respect for elders out East. All, including the motorbike police, make huge allowances for our elders. But at least, with the support of her favourite sister, she has reluctantly agreed not to drive at night now.

I also have a Samsung mobile. I'll try to experiment to see if I can get that effect. Was it a small part of a photo which has been enlarged?
I'll certainly keep on snapping! :)
Do hope more folks will post pics too :D

Cheers, Dan!


Here’s another one he sent me @Dan-888 and it looks the same! Really not sure what he’s done if anything.


I’m loving your Mum is driving! It is a huge part of their independence, I know. My father in law had to give up his much loved licence due to ill health and it broke his and our hearts. He is fine now but refused a mobility scooter though! Full of pride, which is admirable if not a little frustrating at times 😉 :x::x:

Quote from @mem:
Here’s another one he sent me @Dan-888 and it looks the same! Really not sure what he’s done if anything.

Beautiful! Robin is looking straight at your husband there!

Quote from @mem:
My father in law ... refuses a mobility scooter though! Full of pride which is admirable if not a little frustrating at times 😉

Tell him that I have an old fella near me who zips around at fearsome speeds on his mobility scooter!
I don't know if he has had uprated motors installed or not, but it is very fast! Maybe too fast!
He's also got extra lights.
I won't be surprised if he has a siren and flashing lights too!


Haha @Dan-888 I certainly will 😂! Good for him ‘pimping his ride’ :x::x: