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We can share photos in this thread. And these 2 posts show how I usually do it, but if you scroll to Angel at post number 6 it turns out that there is a much easier way ;D ;D ;D

In order to share photos on this forum you have to have them hosted somewhere else on the internet.

1. a blog
2. facebook
3. photobucket (clicky)

1. You could set up a blog and just use it to store your photos

2. I wouldn't advise getting tangled in facebook if you're not already doing it, but I like it so that's my usual uploading option

3. Photobucket is not the only photo sharing site, but I recommend it because it is easy to use in this context.

photobucket (clicky)


Beautiful @"Dan-888" :x::x:


there is so much beauty around us.
Each and every day.
But especially today when the sun has been out for a couple of days.
A high of 28 degrees C forecast for today down south!


You’re so right @"Dan-888"

19 up here in Fife but beautiful, warm and sunny!

Enjoy your day!



@"Dan-888" beautiful photos. The weather is just lovely. A rather warm 27 degrees in sunny Sevenoaks :x::x::x:


Thank you, @Baxter2 ! I fell in love with a girl from Fife, but that's another story for another time! '-)
Good Morning Sevenoaks!!! And to you @Rach !!! :) :) :)
But are there still 8 oaks there still or has the single, original oak given way?


The previous photo was of my Victoria plum tree.

I am not expert enough to tell the difference with this of my edible Cherry plant.
Can anyone spot the difference?


Aww, @"Dan-888" I’ll wait to hear that story one day!



Lovely to see your fab photos again @"Dan-888" . They are so pretty and beat my weeds any day 🙈. :x::x:


I second that!

Quote from @Baxter2:
Aww, @"Dan-888" I’ll wait to hear that story one day!

Ha, ha!!! It was a long while back, during my school days no less!
But hey ho. We never know when we might be at the same social and get a chance to exchange old stories like these! :D


Thank you so much @mem !
"Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them." :D

Hello again after so long, @Gypsy !
Hope you are well? And thank you for your kind words!


didn't take long during laundry day for my cat to find a cubby hole.
Over heated in just one hour
and had to get outside to cool down, silly thing!!!


Awww how cosy does he/she look @dan888 ☺️. Sweet! :x::x:


He's a bit weird though @mem . Follows me around. I run, he runs.

The other evening I dashed into my summer house to return something to a visitor who was just leaving. I quickly shut and locked the door.
Then wondered why he had not been bothering me for food as usual.
Cleaned and put fresh food in his bowl, calling him which usually has him rushing back from wherever he'd wandered off to.
No sight nor sound.
Couldn't sleep thinking this is weird.
Decided to check the summerhouse at 2 am.
So he just strolls out, cool as a ...
Did not even meow, shakes his coat a bit as if he'd just woken up.

Not. Bothered. Me.
So Cool


What a cool dude @Dan888! They do have this knack of getting under your feet, and randomly disappearing, don't they? Glad he was ok and clearly took it in his stride 😉 :x::x:

springer michelle

Your cat is as funny as you @ dan-888 xxlol



Hello diesel lol
This is my shadow even sleeps in bed with me lol :x::x::x:

Quote from @mem:
What a cool dude @Dan888! They do have this knack of getting under your feet, and randomly disappearing, don't they? Glad he was ok and clearly took it in his stride 😉

Ha,ha,ha!!! You are so right @mem
He does his best at looking nonchalant!
He is so quiet too! And is very adapt at losing his bell :O

Quote from @springer michelle:
My diesel

Brilliant Michelle! He looks as if he's just taken the 1st sip of his pint of guiness!
:D:D :D

Quote from @kw1983:

Wow! Look at his coat!
Bet all at the hairdressers would be saying "just like hers/his"!!! :) :)