Stage 4 bowel cancer


OMG I'm back GD1962 but new handle as closed my okd account.

Hi Folks

Got a new user name! Took some time out as my back to work experience at the GP practice is in my opinion not going out had to figure out what to do. As felt management get a bit frustrated with having to take time off for chemotherapy and possible later surgery as I have been told that Christies want to reverse my ileostomy after all.

Have been doing very well at work, but they have refused to let me work part time too which we need as with ongoing surgery and chemo, we have ongoing fatigue that never ebbs.

So I have applied for early retirement from NHS due to terminal illness, and won't have a big pension but will go self employed as it will be easier for me to manage my own part time hours and not be beholding to managers.

Oh my goodness, it just hits you that they want rid and someone new and healthy in to do your job.

Anyway rant over!!!

Ready for the knackers yard :(

david watt

@GD62 humm, exercise tips, go rollablading disco dancing, or wrestle a sumo covered in oil 😂.
Sometimes the forum is a good place to talk to people going through the same hellish disease, who can offer advice and show understanding. Sometimes though is good to take a break as can get depressing seeing what people are going through and when people disappear etc.
We all have a limited number of miles on the clock and cancer makes us have to face the fact we may not recover from a terminal disease unless we are exceptionally lucky 🍀.
Anyone with stage 4 colon cancer I would advise to avoid stress and most jobs are stressful.
Best wishes David

terri m

Hi @GD62 . I am pleased you are back on the forum again. You always cheer me up.. I am in the process in taking medical retirement fron the nhs after 37 years. Its been a hard choice to make, but I haven't really felt supported atall by my management.. I think they would see me fit for the knackers yard too lol. .. Want the
the old school staff out the way.😏.....I hope everything turns out right for you. But i'm sure you would be better off at this time, be stress,free from work pressures ect... Its your time now xxxx😘


@GD62 oh yes. I really hit the jackpot with my cancer!


@GD62 how wonderful that you are still making the forum such fun, maybe you need to do some kind of sitcom !! I have really missed your banter you are a legend :x::x:


Hi @GD62, firstly so glad you are back :) sorry to hear about your work troubles. I too am in the process of retiring through ill-health given my indefinite two-weekly chemo cycle im unable to return to work or in position of being able to get any other job given the amount of time i need for my appointments regime never mind all the side effects. I agree with @david watt that stage 4 colon-cancer are better off avoiding stress . Take care :x::x:


@GD62 it’s great to see you back - have missed your fashion advice and balanced view of life.

I have worked on and off for the NHS since 1981 but did have a long break when I had the girls and come back at a much lower level. There are a lot of management/Trust changes and haven’t worked since I started chemo in October. Considering going back for a few hours soon as no surgery on horizon so will see how they are. They have been very supportive but not sure how they will be when it comes to the crunch!

I think medical retirement sounds very sensible and maybe the job with your friend Dilys 😄 You don’t need additional stress on top of everything else happening in your life - is time for you now :x::x::x::x:

lynn collier

@GD1962 bless you glad yr back my old boss pharmacist is now clinical pharmacist In drs surgery he finds it not as stressful sending positive thoughts lots of love :x::x::x::x:


@GD62 so glad you and your wicked humour are back :x::x::x::x::x::x:


@GD62 glad you’re back. Missed you :x::x:


We missed you @GD62 so pleased you're back. :x::x:


Nice to see you are back on the forum @GD62 missed your humour :x::x:


Good to see you back here @GD62. Like you I've decided it's time to collect that 'gold plated' (Civil Service) Pension:D:D:D


So great to get you back @GD62!

springer michelle

Glad to see youre back. Im not on here very often but you do make me laugh. Sorry work didnt help you but you think of yourself. And good luck retiring :x:

Bear G

Welcome back @GD62 , just tagging @MattS to see if there's any way to merge this account with your old one of GD1962


Hi @Bear G, thanks again keep up the good work :)


Hi @GD62 @Bear G
It is possible to merge two accounts. Do you want your profile merged too or would you prefer to keep your new one?


yes merge the profiles please , look at the muck in here, shut that door :)


Hi @GD62
I've requested that for you now. I'm not sure what your profile will look like after so worth checking it once it's happened.


Hi @GD62
Your accounts should have been merged now.