Bowel cancer treatment and side effects

Keith Berry

Taking Picolax the day before surgery

I have to take picolax the day before my surgery. Could I leave it until 3pm for the first dose the day before , followed by one at 8pm?


Hi @Keith Berry and welcome to the forum! I’m sorry you’ve been diagnosed with bowel cancer but glad you’ve found the forum! I’m sure you’ll find loads of support, information and advice from the lovely people on here.

I don’t have the answer to your question I’m afraid. When is your surgery scheduled? Is it possible to call a contact at the hospital and ask the question?



Hi Keith, I am having surgery tomorrow morning and was told 9am and 5pm today. I have three nutritional drinks to take during today and then two pre-op drinks to take tomorrow at 6.30am. The risk of taking later is you could still be having movements late into the evening. I would stick to the instructions if you can, good luck.


It seems everyone is given different instructions as I was told to take the first at 2pm and then the second at 5pm, although I was supposed to also take 10 senna tablets that they forgot to give me and when I rang the hospital they said it didn't matter!! I would agree with @AlanH as the later you take it the later you are still having the effects of it and I had to travel 55 miles to the hospital still with the fear of needing the toilet....!!