Stage 4 bowel cancer


Reversal of Ileostomy

Hello All

What are your opinions on reversal of ileostomy? Unexpectedly my surgeon is planning to do this later in the year all being well that is, and I had been aware after my liver surgery removed more bowel that this was a possibility.

My first thoughts were that I was happy to carry on with my ileostomy, not an ideal state of affairs but manageable as I can do a days work without leakage 99% of the time. Just worried about reports that reversal end up with faecal incontinence, slack bowel control and another surgical procedure to recover from with lets face uncertain time left in any event.

Your thoughts welcome !!!


Mine was successful @GD1962 18 months ago when I had bowel resection. No problems since then. :x:

El Ivan

Mine was completely successful in Feb 2015 @GD62 and never had any problems at all thankfully. I should mention that I had an end colostomy not an ileostomy.
Ivan 😃


@GD1962 @GD62 Completely successful ileostomy reversal in August 17 - flew off to the Gold Coast for a holiday 9 days later. I've got about half my rectum left, think this can make a difference. Two days after the op of not trusting a fart, then all good.