Bowel cancer treatment and side effects

Fiona M

First treatment

Hi everyone, I am due to start my first capos treatment at the beginning of May, how soon do you start to feel any side effects? Also my veins are quite deep, so they have difficulty getting a needle in, I’m a little worried how that will go. Any thoughts?...


Hi @Fiona M

I just had 5fu (the cap bit of capox) but I had a picc line fitted which sounds daunting, but made things much easier.

Please try not to will get lots of support from the chemo nurses....but I do understand that this period of waiting for treatment is horrible.

Best wishes :x:


Hi @Fiona M
I had 6 cycles of XELOX last year. The chemo nurses are very good at putting in the cannula each time as they're doing it all day every day. We were routinely given a heat pack as soon as we arrived to help bring the veins to the surface and this seemed to work well for me.
Side-effects - everyone is different but chemo team will warn what to look out for. First cycle is most daunting as you don't know what to expect but you'll soon get to know your "routine" and find you manage to get through it. My worst days were days 4 and 5 then would gradually improve.
Will be thinking of you :x::x:

Fiona M

Hi @Dragonfly,
I had my first capox treatment today. It went okay,but I am suffering badly at the site where the cannula was put in, it’s very tender and lots of pins and needles. also had weird sensation in my jaw when I ate some food, but i feel happier now I’ve had my first treatment. Haven’t had any side effects yet from the cap tablets yet. Thanks for your advice,
Best wishes Fiona :x::x:

Fiona M

Hi @Lizalou,
I started my treatment today after a delay, The IV oxy went okay but am suffering now with tenderness and pins and needles at site of cannula. Thank you for you support, weirdly,I feel relieved that I have started

Fiona M

@Lizalou sorry I sent that message before I’d finished. I feel like I’m moving forward now with controlling my cancer.
Best Wishes Fiona :x::x: