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Positives & Negatives of having had cancer

Thought I would share my thoughts and would love to hear about everyone else's experiences.

Benefits of having had cancer

1. My skin tans easier due to the chemo I think!

2. I now do not take life for granted.

3. I'm working part time & loving it.

4. I know who's real in my life.

5. It's made me and hubby stronger than ever.

6. I am less scared about things.

7. I have made long life friends.

8. I am now content with my life.

9. I'm a more patient person.

10. I'm grateful to be alive.

11. I don't feel guilty about resting.

12. I know I am loved.

13. I have seen first hand how strong and resilient my kids are and couldn't be prouder of them.

14. I can accept help.

Negatives to having had cancer.

1. I suffer with anxiety

2. I have erratic bowel control

3. My immune system is compromised

4. I lost a year of my life and still struggling 2 years later.

5. My skin  is still recovering from the chemo.

6. I get tired if I overdo it.

7. I seem to catch everything going.

8. I instantly think any ache or pain is the cancer returning.

9. I've lost some of the great friends I made during the journey.

10. It's mentally affected some of my family.

I'm forever adding to the list, it helps me keep things in perspective.


This is great! @Naomi6861 to write down pro’s and cons of it all,
It has made me apprecate the smaller things in life but its horrible that it takes something like this to realise whos there for you famiy & friends.
My anxiety is ridiculous at times, the mental games are crap but its slowly getting better with councelling and talking about it.
My tiredness is crap, that and my anxiety get me down.
But boy im happy to have met so many wonderfull new people,
I used to beat myself up over it, asking myself so many questions, but im proud of how far i have come and to realise im not on my own.
I read your bio and be proud of yourself,

Mikey :x:


Hello @Naomi6861

Excellent synopsis of the pros and cons of cancer, while the equilibrium of these different factors varies so much on an hour to hour basis making the resultant real time feelings very challenging. Given that truism does indeed make having cancer at the very minimum, a challenging situation for all sufferers.

Good luck :x::x::x:


Why do we tan easier? Lol I noticed I go brown quicker too. :x:


What a great list of positives @Naomi6861 ! It is so easy to focus only on the negatives, but I will always be grateful to all the amazing aquaintances who supported me and who have now become close friends.

(I wanted a good reason for a bit of time off work....!)