Stage 4 bowel cancer


hopes for the future?

my partner is about to start on a long term radiochemo treatment for advanced low rectal tumour.. he had an emergency stoma as the tumour was blocking his bowel.. he is really hoping that the stoma can be reversed if the chemo works.. does anyone have any advise please?


Hi @mandajayne

Assuming they have sufficient bowel material I'm certain they could reverse it. Someone with similar condition should get back to you as my experience is quite limited. I had an ileostomy and they left some large bowel to do a reversal in December 17 post CRS and HIPEC, then I had a liver resection in Feb 18 and they removed more colon due to liver sticking to the gut and I thought OK they have chopped my colon out and no reversal. Quite happy to cope with ileostomy, just one of those things, then got a letter in April from surgeon stating that they would do a reversal in about 8 weeks if I did not go on mop up chemo, and if I did then they will do it after the summer.

Well, f##k me! sometimes I think that I am a slack brain coz I just tend to go with the flow with medics and surgeons as I think these guys are the experts. But I try to just cope with the next process in days rather than months. But if they can reverse mine after chopping it up twice then I'm sure there is a good possibility your hubby should be ok too.

Good luck and positive healing thoughts xxx

My shock at hearing about reversal !!


well thankyou.. and glad to see you are back!.. you disappeared didnt you? and i love your sense of humour and your wisdom :) :x::x: