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Infection bowel to peritoneum

Hi I’m new to the forum. My Mum has cancer of the peritoneum which is a secondary cancer, endometrial related. She can’t have any treatment and has been told it’s terminal as the hospital can’t clear an infection which is in the peritoneum which they believe is the cancer from the peritoneum attaching to the bowel and allowing bugs from the bowel to seep through. I wondered if anyone had encountered this? Thanks Nicola


Hello Nicola @Crokefrog,

Sorry to hear about your mum's diagnosis. My peritoneal cancer is secondary to bowel cancer, so really do not have experience of endometrial cancer as a male biologically don't have a cervix.

It maybe worthwhile using the 'Ask The Nurse' topic area, as one of the BBC nurses maybe able to give you more advice. That said, someone on here may have experience.

Good luck :x:


Thank you - I have added the question to the Nurses forum :x:


Hi @Crokefrog and welcome to the forum.

I’m sorry to read of your mums diagnosis. I don’t have the knowledge or experience to offer any useful advice I’m afraid. I do wonder however, about the Hospital saying they can’t treat the infection? Have antibiotics failed? Has chemo been offered at all? I hope you may be able to gain a better understanding from your question to the Nurse. I’m assuming you’ve had a discussion with your mums consultant about her options?

Sending you and Mum my very best wishes,



Hi They can’t give her chemo due to the infection and they can’t stop the infection. They have said there’s nothing they can do. We are arranging a meeting tomorrow as we have loads of questions which we need answering and we are going to get a 2nd opinion. Thank you ❤️