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Penny Brohn -2 Day Residential , Living Well with Cancer

Hi Folks

I went to a Penny Brohn, charity funded (free) , fully-catered, two-day residential course in Pill nr Bristol. It focuses on diet and eating well to improve your immune system, how to manage stress and stay active to support your ongoing health. It was a great opportunity to meet other people affected by cancer, learnt some excellent relaxation/meditation techniques, the grounds /gardens and surrounding area are great for walks and the food is super healthy and delicious. I have booked myself on the follow up course which helps you deepen and personalise the information from your Living Well course by exploring self-help techniques and you also have a one-to-one session with one of our Doctors as well as a Nutritional Therapist. I think that they run courses at locations throughout the Country so worth checking out. I would definitely recommend it. @DianeS @Baxter2 . :x::x::x:


Thank you for this @eyeofthetiger I’ve often wondered about trying Penny Brohns. Sounds great :x::x:


Hubby and I went on a regional 'Living well with Cancer' course (not residential) and it was excellent. I was attracted to Penny Brohn because they value the patient and the carer equally and they offer such practical support.


That sounds brill @eyeofthetiger , so glad you have come back energised and sleeping better :x::x::x:


im up for a residential weekend
whens the next one ?


@Highkaren They run courses every month. Here is link to website www.pennybrohn.org.uk/

Maybe get a BBC possy together and fly down, @Baxter2 @HH79 and @Caraeliz24. I am doing the follow up course beginning of July which offers a one to one with nutritionist, a one to one session with Dr, as well as doing more in depth relaxation/mediation and healthy eating. Food is fabulous.

P.S I am not on commission lol!


Hi y’all I think also @Mum37 @LankyYankee @Scattyblonde game ...I said to them I’ll phone next week and explain we are a group in a fairly disasterous state 🤪 and what would the options be for a few of us (6-8??) to celebrate our cancer friendships whilst getting much needed hollistic help from them :x::x:


@HH79 I'm def up for it, but depends when everyone is available, I do have a lot of holidays booked up over the Summer and in the process of booking one more......


We can suss it out..:x::x:


We need @GD62 too!!! :x:


Penny Brohn is lovely and not at all what I expected. If any of you are heading to Bristol give me a shout as even if I couldn't do the course I can come for lunch, but would be fab to meet up with everyone. :x::x:


Looking forward to hearing a response to your enquiry @HH79! Wouldn’t it be great?!



Hi @eyeofthetiger

Do you think they would lend me one of the black frocks for a night out when on the course....... The only problem maybe is that I look so slim and gorgeous people on the course may get jealous..... lol xx


I want to come too !!


This sounds fab!


sounds great to me !!!



A few of us are booked for 26th June! Take a wee look at their website. I'm really looking forward to it!