Stage 4 bowel cancer


Oncology Day Unit-Start of 3 Months Adjuvant Therapy

Hello Playmates!

Well started my adventure into 'uncharted territory' as my oncologist called it today. Had my PICC line inserted by anaesthetist at day unit, sent for CXR to see that it was pointing the right way about, all clear and good to go.

Given my first dose of my adjuvant cycle of oxy via PICC line, can say it was significantly better than via hand and arm directly. Side effects mainly the coldness and neuropathy, but will be taking my co-codamol regularly for the next couple of days and see how it goes but it does help. Mild jelly legs and tiredness, so went off to bed for an hour. My next debate is whether to start capecet tablets tonight or wait till the morning, but will experiment by taking tonight as have experience with them; my theory being the sooner I start then the sooner I finish and the drugs can get working stat.

Asked nurse about my CEA as I was very curious from therapeutic point of view. I have been taking turmeric capsules, aspirin 75mg and green tea extract tablets for a month. Well surprise surprise ! Thought I was bloody Cilla Black. Nurse stated that my CEA in September and December were 2.3, which was all before the CRS & HIPEC with liver resection, and the score on the doors Miss Ford was a CEA of unity, that is one. Oh well, does the alternative and homely remedies may work, who knows but thought that was an encouraging result having been of capox for just over six months.

Another event today, stopped off at the my GP and paid £26.00 for a report to be sent to the NHS pensions department, which funnily enough is one mile from my house in Fleetwood for the whole UK. So, officially started my adventure into retirement. Have had agencies ring me to see when I will be free to do locum work for twice I get paid. So not necessarily a bad move that will leave me worse off.

My partner just got a big back payment of carers allowance £1580, which we were not aware we were entitled to until our army welfare officer put in a claim on our behalf. We were both in the army, and have included a photo in the bottom and I am the pretty blonde in the middle. Now don't mock! Which is great because my partner has gone on a zero hours contract as a nurse. So that will help us, and don't think I've been so well off since my death sentence.

So quite a long day and tiring, but will be off for two days recuperation and return to work on Thursday. I am having spaghetti balls on a plastic plate with plastic cutlery, so should not get the cold hands.

Hugs and positive healing thoughts to all xxx


Hi@GD62, lovely picture !! Glad first cycle has gone well. Thank you for the update, your posts definitely lift my spirits :x::x:

terri m

Hello @GD62... Glad your first session of capox went well... I would take things easy for a while. Forget work.. I have got my nhs retirement forms to complete. Dont know which end to start 🤔. .. Anyway everything appears to be all positive for you . onwards and up. Tc :x::x::x:


Hello @GD62. Hope your feeling ok and here is the start of the next phase. Love the photo :x::x:


Great to read your latest update @GD62 !


Hi @GD62 this is all so good to read and I literally gain strength from your posts. You’re a lot stronger than I have been returning to chemo and your attitude is brilliant. The Christie are lucky to have you as their patient! Thank you again, reminds me get on with it and stop being such a morose baby at times!! Always like the photos! :x: