Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


After being told told "six months" chemo before resection Basingstoke are full steam ahead

Hello to all you amazing little warriors, well we have had some truly amazing news, after originally being told non operable liver and bowel, then after chemo both operable, bowel tumour removed but the cancer in the liver has grown is border line not operable ! Hubby has just has the contrast MRI and has a surgery date for next week! 5 weeks after bowel surgery. Our hospital wanted to give more chemo but Basingstoke does not want him to have more until after all surgery is complete!! Guess that's why they are a centre of excellence for Cancer!! :)
Take care every one and hold tight those that you love and keep fighting :x::x:


Wooo hoooo amazing news :x::x::x:


@Lexi that is fantastic news, so happy for you 😄 :x::x::x:


Hi @Lexi hooray for Hollywood..........marvellous news.....good luck xxx

A salute to us brave warriors xxx



Really fantastic news @Lexi! So chuffed for you both :x::x::x:


Hi@Lexi wonderful news. So pleased for you both :x::x:


Thank you for your wonderful thoughts and messages @GD62 I hope you had a grand siesta!! @jinnyp @charleyb @mem and @Wren17 We just can't believe how efficient Basingstoke have been, to be offered a resection after 4 weeks is truly amazing :x::x::x:


@Lexi Fabulous news. So pleased for you both. xxx


Brilliant news @Lexi Basingstoke is our local hospital and my husband has had brilliant treatment there. I know the liver specialist team is also amazing. Good luck with the operation next week :x::x:


@eyeofthetiger I love that !! Exactly how we felt! Lol might have got locked away for physically dancing around!! @Mountainmaid that's great to know we are closer to Basingstoke too but we have had alm other treatment within West Berks so we have had the arduous treck to Reading. :x::x:

terri m

Hi @Lexi.. Pleased for the both of you..good luck with the op..:x::x::x:


Fantastic news @Lexi! This gives such hope to others in a similar position.

Three cheers for Basingstoke from me too! That’s why I asked to be referred there all the way from Fife! I had my liver resection then Cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC there in Jan and March last year.

Loads of love,



Lovely news @Lexi well done to you both! I read over your profile and reminded me how hard it is for partners. Do some celebrating!! Lots love :x::x:


Fab news hun, I hope it all goes well ❤