Bowel cancer treatment and side effects

Polly 1

Broken tooth/filling

My husband (C) is currently on Folfiri and Cetuximab. He has had 14 cycles so far and I presume this is to continue.

We havnt seen the oncologist since the beginning of February when C was waiting for liver and lung resections. These were subsequently cancelled as the chemo has reduced the mets so much nothing is showing on the scans.

Tonight he was eating a piece of chocolate (the one with mini Smarties and jelly bits in) and a piece of tooth/filling broke off a rear molar that has a major filling in it. Just what he needs at the moment 😔

I think he is not supposed to have any dental treatment during chemo without permission but what is the usual procedure? Should he see the dentist first to see what needs doing or does he contact the oncologist even though he dosnt know how bad it is?

Its really upset him tonight as its just one more thing that has to be sorted. It was my idea to get the chocolate out so I feel bad as well.


@Polly 1 Dentist will want to know platelet count. Oncologist will want a chemo break if tooth needs taking out. I hung on for a couple of months before having a tooth out but it was all ok in the end. Some talk of precautionary antibiotics but not given in the end.


@Polly 1 I had 4 broken teeth when I was on chemo. My dentist just temporarily filled them. No injections, no tools etc etc just some sort of paste that hardened :x::x:

Polly 1

Thanks @Barbara @Rach hopefully we can sort it out. He says its just the last thing he needed at the moment so it has upset him. Wrong time in the cycle as well as he gets very upset about things days 6 and 7.

I think he probably broke it earlier eating nuts and the jelly bean pulled it out. They told him to eat nuts to increase his magnesium.


@Polly 1 - he has my sympathies. I needed a filling during chemo and although I have never ever minded the dentist, I got all tearful and the nurse had to hold my hand the entire time as I gently blubbed my way through the whole (quick) procedure. I even cried when I had the injection, because it was just one more thing to cope with.

Had to apologise at the end for my patheticness, but everyone was very kind and understanding, and can't believe I was so upset by it looking back, but it's a very emotional time isn't it. :x:


I lost 8 teeth while on chemo.
I went to the emergency dentist department at the hospital as my oncology team had informed them of what they can do ect :x:

Kathy L

Hi, my OH had a broken tooth and was refused his chemo until he had seen the dentist. Fortunately he was X rayed and as all was okay managed to fill it for him through his next chemo session. If it had been extraction then chemo would have been stopped until healed.

Polly 1

Thanks all.
C rang the chemo unit first thing and the Dr said to check what needed doing and if invasive to come back to them to sort a plan.
C then managed to get the District Nurse to come earlier to sort his picc line so he could take up an emergency appointment at the dentist this afternoon.
Luckily the break was clean with no decay so the dentist was able to do a non-invasive permanent filling.
C is very relieved that he managed to get it sorted so quickly and very grateful to everyone involved. more chocolate - for a while anyway!


Pleased to see he got it sorted @Polly 1 . :x::x:


Hi @Polly 1

Just don’t keep your chocolate in the fridge and it’ll be nice and soft with no tooth breaking capabilities! Alternatively, spread chocolate spread between two digestive biscuits for a naughty choccy hit!


Polly 1

Thanks both

@Baxter2 - he says he likes the sound of that 😊

Edit: just had to go and make him one!!


😂😂😂 :x::x:


Glad you’ve got it sorted. I managed to have a filling during chemo on the week off. Fortunately it was also a straightforward one.