Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Chemo when you have neuropathy

Hi All
If you already have peripheral neuropathy from a previous bc treatment but then get liver mets what chemo are you likely to be offered post surgery?


Hi @Trunky just started on post op liver resection capox for three months..................good luck :x::x::x:


Hi @Trunky to the best of my knowledge chemo normally same for bowel cancer mets whether liver / lungs / Peri ...if your neuropathy wasn’t too bad / went and the Oxilaplatin worked well, they may want to try that again which is Folfox (Oxilaplatin with 5FU pump) or Capox (Oxi & Capecitabine tablets). If you’re not having oxi again, there’s Folfiri which is irinotecan and 5FU. There are other treatments like newer Cetuxibab or options such as Lonsurf but I think the ‘Folfoxiri’ Family are the main hitters. Good luck :x::x:


Hi @GD62 - is 3 months standard post liver op? I had 6 months post bc op. Did they say what difference the chemo will make? Thanks for replying to me and best wishes with your treatment.

Hi @HH79 - my neuropathy is bearable and I'm able to drive etc but I don't think any oxy would be a good idea. Will see what's on offer, how long for and what the potential benefits balance sheet is. TBH I am still feeling the effects of chemo which ended Sept 2016. I suppose I could argue that adjuvant chemo did not work for me as I have a recurrence. Thanks for replying to me.


Hi @Trunky, I was put on a 3mth course of 5FU (only) post liver-op due to previous oxy effects on mostly my feet, which I think were exacerbated by the two ops I had after I had completed 3mths of neoadjuvant capox. Like you, the effects were 'bearable' and didn't really stop me doing anything (other than wearing nice shoes 😩) but they still decided on 5fU only for my adjuvant chemo. :x::x:

Polly 1

Hi @Trunky my husband had folfox in 2013 after his bowel op which has left him with very bad peripheral neuropathy.
He had liver and lung resections in early 2016 and didnt have any chemo following those until mid 2016 when he got another lung met. He was then given 6 months of 5fu only which reduced the met to almost nothing so it was left
Mid 2017 another scan showed liver and lung mets again and because of the neuropathy the Oncologist said no more oxaliplatin until he has to when he has run out of options.
He started Folfiri with Cetuximab in August last year and that is still continuing. He had treatment 13 last week. As well as that he did have 1 week of Cetuximab only to keep the funding while they waited for scan results. At the moment the liver and lung mets arent showing on scans so the resections were cancelled.
During the few days after chemo his feet and hands do get worse but it does wear off to his normal permanent painful/numb feelings after that.


Hi @mem 3 months sounds so much better and than 6! If I am in a position to be offered chemo I think oxy would have to be a last resort.


Hi @Polly 1 I will wait to see what's available/on offer. I have had nearly 20 months off chemo. I'm pleased to hear the chemo has worked for your husband. I've got my PET scan Friday. If no more lurkers are found I will have a resection. I still can't believe it but unfortunately I know I'm not the only one in this position.


Yes, it certainly does @Trunky. Anyway, I will be keeping everything tightly crossed for some great PET results for you and I really do hope a liver resection will be another option🤞🏻:x::x: