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Another Edinburgh meet anyone? πŸ’©

Hi all,

I’m hoping to arrange a date to suit most people for an Edinburgh meet for lunch. How do the following dates sound? Wed 23rd, Thursday 24th or Friday 25th May?

@brighty08 @mikey83 @laylib @Highkaren @Gypsy @Ally13 @charly @DMR700 @Alan C and anyone else I’ve forgotten to mention who fancies it? Please let me know your thoughts and we can go with the majority.


Thanks @Jane39

My pump is almost empty and due for disconnect 4.30 by which time it will be completely empty. I'll post a photo of it later if I remember!!



@Baxter2 . I’m jealous πŸ˜‚. Photo would be helpful! :x::x:


Is it possible to send one now to compare . I’m due off at 3 @Baxter2 but nurses will probably come nearer 5 :x::x:


Have a great meet up.. sorry I’m missing you all :x::x:


Haha! I’m on train over to Edinburgh atm! I’ll take a pic later. Might get funny looksπŸ˜‚

Sorry you’re not joining us too @Highkaren



Had such a lovely lunch over in Edinburgh with @Gypsy @DMR700 @mikey83 @Ally13 and @charly

It's so good to meet up with such a great bunch of people whom I now consider as friends. Mikey, you are such a gent! Special thanks to you (you know why! ) and thank you to everyone who made their way to the lunch from all over Scotland! Fantastic effort! Xxxx



Love the pics @Baxter2 was great to meet you all, and your more than welcome πŸ€—. Cant thank you all enough.

Mikey :x::x::x:


What fantastic pics of you all and brilliant to see the results of a forum meet up!


Thanks to @Baxter2 for organising, and many thanks to gentleman @mikey83. Great to meet everyone over lunch.....and we even had great weather....though warmer in the


Fabulous photos you lovely inspirational people, hope you had a fab day. :x::x:


Great to meet you all today! Thanks for organising @Baxter2

Don’t we all look a happy healthy bunch! πŸ˜‚ :x::x::x:


Lovely picture of you all! Our friends in the North!:x::x::x:


Such lovely pics guys, it's lovely to have these catch-ups ☺️ and you all look so well! Sorry, I couldn't resist πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‰. :x::x::x:


So lovely to meet up with these lovely and inspiring people. Thanks again to @Baxter2 for organising! Really enjoyed catvhing up with you @Baxter2 and @Ally13 and meeting you @DMR700 @Gypsy and @mikey83 Looking forward to the next time. :x::x::x:


Hi @Baxter2 , @Ally13 , @DMR700 , @charly and @mikey83
Thank you for having me at the lunch meet up- so good to meet up and chat. I am sorry for being late with this- only just home to the far north this evening and not been able to post before now.

terri m

Hi @Baxter2 , and all of you on the meet up... You all look great in the pics.. So lovely that you met up... Wish I lived nearer xxxxπŸ’—


Fab photos- perhaps we could do something similar for those if in the NW of England :x::x:


Thank you everyone!!

@Catlover and @terri m Why don't you arrange something nearer to your homes?