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paul scott

Hi everyone :)

I'm a 54 year old male, who until recently hadn't darkened the inside of a hospital since I was about eight (not counting the birth of my two children).

I got that cold that was going round at the start of the year. Big deal. But one evening I nearly collapsed ; twice which definitely isn't me. So the missus and I went to A+E. Blood count way down for some reason. So I spent a couple of days having blood replenished and went home to await further testing, as they couldn't find out why.

First check (top half) was clear ; Second check (bottom half) wasn't. Colon Cancer, as you might have guessed :) Fortunately the CT scan showed no spread (don't know about lymph nodes, yet).

So a few weeks later the sawbones chops me up ; well that's a bit hard, my surgeon actually did an awesome job. I had keyhole surgery (extended a bit over the belly button) on the Monday, and was nearly released on the Thursday. but held over to Friday. It's now the following Wednesday.

And I feel great.

It's actually rather scary, I think i should be much more ill than this. Everything seems to be healing pretty well, I don't seem to get tired, it's a little bit sore but not very much so, I've been out a few times with the missus, nowhere far away, but definitely not stuck in my bed.

And we shall see what happens next :)

One piece of advice. Well, two related. I was persuaded to take part in a 'get fit for your operation' study that they are doing. I reckon this helps both in getting fit(ter) and psychologically (feel like you are contributing rather than waiting for the scalpel). The other thing was being told by my surgeon to keep active and mobile post operation (I think the Nurses thought I was mad the amount of time I spent exercising walking round the unit area ....).


Well done @paul scott! Here's hoping the surgery got rid of all the nasty little buggers and that you don't need any mop up chemo. Sounds like you're well on the road to recovery, so keep it up! :x::x:


Great to read your story @paul scott - I had my surgery 11 days ago and my Macmillan nurse also suggested getting a bit fitter before surgery but I only had a couple of weeks to do so, but walked every day before the operation - something I hadn't been doing at all. As you so rightly say getting up and about is so important post-op. First the nurse and then my husband walked me round the corridors (120m) at least once a day, and by day 6 I was able to this on my own 2 or 3 times a day. Last Sunday on my discharge day I asked a couple of young nurses if I could go off on my perambulation - and they both asked 'whats that mean?"

I too am waiting for the results of the biopsies to come back, but know that I am in for some Chemo as at least one lymph node was invaded, but the CT scan showed no other organs.

You will find this forum a fantastic and positive place to come for any help and advice and to vent any feelings that you can't or won't tell the family.

Good luck on your journey


Good morning @paul scott and a very warm welcome to the forum from me too!

I’m sorry about your diagnosis but great news that you’ve already had surgery and are now at home and recovering well by all accounts! I’m sure you’ll find the forum a great safe place to gain support, information, advice (if you want to) and friendship too. The other forum members will be along very soon to say hello and introduce themselves I’m sure.

I hope you’re recovery continues to go smoothly over the coming weeks. You’ve a great attitude!

Sending all my very best wishes,



Hi @paul scott welcome to the forum. Glad to hear your surgery went well and that you are recovering well :x::x:


Hello @paul scott . Best wishes for your ongoing and positive recovery. I’ve had two major Bowel ops and was up and about like yourself as much as possible which really helped me in my recovery as encouraged by Surgeon and Nurses :x:


Hello and welcome @paul scott

I'm pleased you are doing so were lucky to get an early diagnosis, when we hear of so many others being fobbed off. And, you are right, fitness and activity makes a lot of difference.


Hi from me too @paul scott and a warm welcome to the forum ☺️. I hope you have a continued positive recovery, sounds like you are doing really well. :x::x:


@paul scott
One thing I will say about the NHS and cancer care is that they seem to work fast for us cancer patients, but slow for everyone else.

My husband needs to have his second knee replaced - but they keep fobbing him off - sent him to do 2 months physiotherapy with no 'hands on' treatment - total waste of time. He had a letter 3 weeks ago saying that now it is so bad, (even I after major abdominal surgery, can walk further than he can) he has been referred to Princess Royal at Haywards Heath, but this morning, after speaking to 3 different people, he learned it will be another 4-5 weeks before he can see a clinician and probably anything from 4-40 weeks after that before an operation. I think now after already waiting more than 6 months and it getting worse all the time, we will have to raid our piggy banks and go private. . Something we can do without now that we are in our mid 70's. But as they say, you can't take your money with you and we will go without a holiday to get his knee fixed.


@paul scott Welcome to the forum and hope you continue to recover quickly.



Hi @paul scott. Welcome to the forum from me too.

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but great to hear that your surgery has gone well. Hope your recovery continues to go smoothly. Best wishes.


Hope you have a smooth and rapid recovery :x: