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The Friday from hell!

I’m new here, but have found some positives as I have endlessly searched for help. On Friday we were told that my amazing husband has stage 4 colorectal cancer with mets to liver and small spots on lungs. Palliative chemo has been advised. I will never forget my daughters cries as we told her. I am living in a scary surreal there a life beyond this?

Lady GT

Good evening @JudyN and welcome to the forum, although I'm sorry you find yourself here.

The answer to your question is yes, there IS life beyond these terrible early days following diagnosis.
But for now, you are caught in that awful place where your world has been ripped from under your feet. You probably aren't sleeping well, can't get your thoughts together, maybe feeling very tearful a lot of the time?
Easy to say but please try not to worry. This huge rush of emotions is very normal at the start and you WILL find that things settle down as you learn more about your husband's diagnosis and start on a treatment plan.
You have absolutely come to the right place. Everybody here understands how you are feeling and what you are going through. So ask any questions you like, nothing is too trivial, and we will do all we can to support you.
You are not alone with this.



Hello@LadyGT I cannot believe the response on here, the comfort I have have been given in a few hours. My husband Adam is a very strong person also very positive and he will make it as easy as he can for me. My main panic is will I be able to cope looking after him, how ill will he be on Chemo? I work part time funnily enough at our local small hospital (clerical) and he insists I must carry on working at the moment as it is important to me. Too right about not sleeping! Can’t remember a nice relaxed nights sleep.....your comments are very real Thank you for your message :x::x::x:


Hi @JudyN
Sorry to hear your news. Yes there is lots of life after diagnosis. There are lots of amazing people on here. @Bear G is in his 4/5th year (I'm not sure which) with stage 4 and is an inspiration to us all along with lots of other people. This is definetly the right place to be for support and you will find people on similar journeys to you guys. I'm not sure if you've seen Bowel Babe (currently in remission from stage 4) who writes for the sun, she also has a Facebook page but she discusses living with cancer and is raising lots of much needed awareness about it.
I had 11 rounds of Folfox chemo every 2 weeks. I was petrifiyed about how I would cope with chemo but it was a lot easier than I imagined although everyone has a different experience. They give you lots of good meds to get though the neausea. I used to go to Tesco on my chemo pump and out for dinner! I had lots of comments about looking well and everyone was supprised I kept my hair!
You find a pattern with it and I found it ok.
Sending big hugs to you. This first bit is quite frankly s*it! But it does get easier and you find a new normal and lots and lots of good comes from the bad. ❤ Annie :x: