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Michael Webb

Mum just diagnosed. Not sure what is happening ☹

My mum has been seeing a liver consultant for a couple of years after she was diagnosed with cirrhosis. She had been having regular check ups and everything seemed fine. Then at the start of the year appointments for an MRI and CT scans came through, which seemed odd.

She saw her consultant first week of February and told mum she had liver cancer and there was nothing they could do for her. We were shocked at the news.

She then saw a liver surgeon who ordered a biopsy. The results came back showing the liver cancer (one definite lesion, 2 possible lesions) was secondary and they believed it was colon cancer.

She had a PET scan and ,colonoscopy 3 weeks ago and the doctor who did that said there was one polyp 20mm in size that was 'probably' malignant and that went off for a biopsy.

We are still waiting for the biopsy results to come through, so essentially 3 months since she was first told she had cancer.

Our nerves are pretty much shot to pieces!!! I am hoping the results will be in soon because the not knowing is probably worse than anything.

I am scared but staying strong for her as we have no idea what to expect next.

I will no doubt be on here a lot and will have lots of questions.


Hi @Michael Webb, welcome to the club none of us wanted to join! But now that you are here, you will find wonderful people who will do anything to help you and assist with any information that you require! We have all been where you are and it is not a nice place! But we have come through it and in doing so, can use our knowledge to help you and your mum!

This waiting game is the worst thing about it all. Once you are told exactly what is happening, the treatment plan is started, I feel that you will feel much more relaxed about things.

It seems an awful long time, but the biopsies, scans and the meeting of the MDT, Multidisciplinary Team, do take some time, but they work out which is the best form of treatment for your mum! Chemo, radiotherapy, operation etc. We have always had the best form of treatment for the condition and I am sure that the same will apply to your mum!

Feel free to ask any questions that may occur. Someone will have been there and experienced it, I am sure!

Also, if you want to private message anyone, tap their name and a little message box will appear on their posting, the message will then be private!

Best of luck to you and your family! It is a frightening, overwhelming place to be for you at the moment! :x::x::x:

Polly 1

Hi @Michael Webb sorry you have to join us but best place to be. Any questions ask away. We are all here to hold your hands and guide you all through this awful time.
Its terrible waiting for results, its something we have all got used to but it never gets any easier :x:


Hello @Michael Webb very sorry to read about your mother's diagnosis and sounds like a complex situation with confusion over primary and secondary diagnoses. Hopefully the MDT will come up with a treatment plans soon and others on the forum will give you their experiences.

Good luck and positive healing thoughts :)


Hi @Michael Webb so sorry to read about your moms diagnoisis, but glad you found us to help you through. Best of luck to your family :x::x::x:

Michael Webb

Thanks everyone, it is great just to know there is somewhere to reach out and I really appreciate the support :).

The waiting is terrifying and your mind can't help running away with all the things that could happen.

Mum is holding on and doing really well in the face of everything. But we want to get to the treatment phase and know it is really happening.


Hi @Michael Webb
Not knowing is the worst part of all this, and it seems like you’ve had an extremely long wait since your mum’s original diagnosis.

I hope you get the biopsy results very soon and a plan in place, as I’m sure you’ll both feel a little better once you know what’s going on.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, there’s a great section called “Ask The Nurse” which you might find helpful.

Jenny :x:

Michael Webb

The waiting continues. Mum has had a CT scan, MRI, PET scan and colonoscopy, which was about 4 or weeks ago now. Now they want to do a Sigmoidoscopy(?). No idea whether this is procedure or something to be concerned about. Really we just want some results and an indication of what we are dealing with. We all look frazzled except for mum who went on holiday last week :)


Hi Michael Webb,

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I hope you are staying strong. How is your mom doing?


Hi just wondering how your Mum Ian doing now?